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Radostina sent me no bio-she just asked that her clients' feedback speak for her.
Benjamin D.  :
I don't believe in astrology but everything Radostina has predicted has happened so I guess I must admit I am wrong and she is very talented!
Dale K.: 
I've always been fascinated by astrology and have had many readings from various astrologers across Europe. Rady provided one of the most accurate readings I have had to date. I will certainly be asking her for more readings in future!
Irena S.
Rady is an excellent astrologer. The consultations with her always bring me satisfaction and enrich me.
Nicky S. 
I always ask Radostina when I have an important decision to take or when I am going through some interesting stage in my life. She has intuition and deep understanding of how the planetary influences work on our lives. I strongly recommend her services.
Joana A.
I am extremely impressed by the horoscope that I received as a gift for my birthday . I felt Radostina was reading me like an open book . I am very grateful to her and became a regular customer , and she is always there to guide me.
Ivelina Dobreva
Radostina is a passionate, enthusiastic and gifted astrologer. I have known her for nearly 10 years and along that time she has managed to slowly turn me into a believer.
Rady takes time to analyze and decipher a birth chart, making sure every planet and aspect is carefully interpreted. She is focused, personable and has the unique ability to relate to others.
She has opened the door for me to the exciting world of Astrology and now I can't stop learning.
Milena Vladimirova
Many thanks to Rady!
It was very exciting and enjoyable to discuss my astrological chart!
I am amazed by the accuracy of the reading, and the planets' impact on human life!
It is amazing that with an experienced eye the astrologer can see so many things like the past, present, future ... in any aspect of life. Health, love, family, career, luck, money, talents or you name it!
You can learn an awful lot about your personality and thus understand and learn to love yourself. Also, you can learn a lot about the people around you - family, children, friends, colleagues ...
The horoscope shows a lot about the events in my life, about any problems and how to work on them, so as to make the most out of life.
I am very excited, impressed and pleased! I will definitely have more meetings with astrology!
I encourage everyone to try! I recommend especially Rady! Rady, you are really beautiful, wonderful astrologer! She has deep insight and analytical thought, higher knowledge, excellent skills, excellent attitude and a lot of talent!
Tsvetelina Todorova
I am sceptical about astrology but when Rady read my chart and there were so many "coincidences" I started using her services when and asking her for consultations when I was going through difficult periods in my life. I wasn't sure how astrology works but Radostina is always explaining carefully about potentials, predispositions, planetary influences and which means what. Now if I see an article on astrology I read it and even know a few things already.
Maia Staneva
I am fascinated by Radostina's work and insights. She is very talented and I am grateful for all the help I get from her.

Here are my services

Astrology and Tarot Love Reading - $140

Answer to One Specific Question $79

Radostina looks indepth at one specific life theme or question for you via astrology.
Email Radostina from the form below, to leave your question and birth details. 

Tarot reading for the next 6 months $100

In this reading Radostina combines astrology and tarot and draws and interprets a card for each of the 12 houses for you for the next 6 months(health, finances, travels, family, love, work, relationships, help from others, believes, career and authorities, dreams and wishes, friendships, losses)  Contact Radostina from the form below to let her know you have ordered

Answer to one question with Tarot $44

Send your question to Radostina from the contact form below. 

Relocation Horoscope $96

This reading will help you choose the most auspicious places to live in, work, find love or improve aspects of your life. It will also focus on what areas you should avoid if you do not want to encounter difficulties. You can unlock sleeping possibilities from your birth chart, by moving to places which support the expression of these energies or avoid places which trigger difficult karmic and personality manifestations of yours.    You can work with the astrologer by asking her to examine a few different places you have in mind(up to 3 for 1 reading) or by saying what areas of your life you would like to be improved. Radostina will then will look at the best destinations for you to move in or target your business toward (if you cannot relocate) and make recommendations, so you can benefit maximally. This reading is available as a written horoscope 

30 Minute Skype or Recorded Astrology Reading $93

Radostina covers a number of questions working with one horoscope. In order to schedule your reading with Radostina and send her your birth details, contact her from the form below. 

60 Minute Skype or Recorded Astrology Reading $144

Radostina covers a number of questions and predictions regarding any topics-love, career, vocation, finances, health, future trends, etc

Written Relationship Horoscope $165

Radostina takes an in-depth look at the dynamics of any relationship between 2 people-lovers, spouses, parent-child, business partners, etc. 
She looks at your interaspects-what cause problems in your relationship, what blockages are there and how to overcome them, what supports your relationship, how it affects both of you, what the potential of is union is. 

12 Months Predictive Horoscope $165

Month by month outline for the coming 12 years on any themes you are interested about. Also answers to specific questions about the future.

24 Month Predictive Horoscope $293

Month by month written outline for the coming 2 years on any themes you are interested about. Also answers to specific questions about the future

Extensive Written Life Horoscope + Predictions $250

Radostina covers all important life themes and their development, plus advice on how to improve these, followed by future trend predictions. 

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