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I had a full chart astrology reading with Philip. His knowledge and effortless ability to relay the information are impeccable. Thank you for the time, a true gift.

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Philip Astrologer


I am Philip Daniel Miles an Astrologer by craft, practice, trade & passion.

Astrology is a logical template for life, experience, metaphysics & reality, although mostly considered to be about the cycles of the stars this language of our sky clock is a reflection of the various frequencies emanating from the source of all creation within us.

I have had the benefit of immersing myself within my Astrological practice since 2007 working full time as an Astrologer hosting clients since 2017, working within a thriving online community from all over the world.

I have been making Astrology forecast on YouTube for every New & Full Moon as well as other major & exciting aspects since 2016, also hosting interviews with fellow world renowned Astrologers, as well as sharing valuable Astrological presentations teaching about this timeless modality I also share uplifting heart based frequency messages every day.

In 2020 a year many of us Astrologers had been looking at oncoming for quite some time I decided to follow my hearts call moving to Mexico to explore my ambitions of leading groups in Astrology workshops.

I love to share the teachings of Astrology as this language of the stars, all shapes signs and symbols is the handbook to the psychology of the universal mind. We gain a more broad inner standing the longer we work with the archetypes always opening up to grater wisdom & the ability to empower ourselves to our own story!

I am excited to continue sharing both in person doing workshops International as well as online Astrology chart readings. I am excited to be writing books on my passionate connection to the cosmos through the lens of Astrology as well as music & other excitements for the months & years to follow.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

$333 for 90min Full Astrology chart reading

I offer Relationship chart reading using multiple techniques, Progressed Chart readings & Solar, Lunar or Planetary returns, baby's charts readings & synastry with parents, Astro cartography, chart elections for business, personal events such as moving house or creating a business. These techniques are permitted within the time purchased, 

Progressed Chart Reading $500 / 2 hours

A two hour deep dive into your entire Progressed Moon Transit from natal through each aspect of the chart through each cycle up to present date & beyond into the future. This is a deeply healing technique, it can off tremendous insight into some of our most traumatic experiences that we did not correctly address when living through them yet with mature eyes we are able to revise our perspective gifting more love for ourselves in our experience which raises the frequency of our story, I shall guide the process while holding space, all readings are conducted in a recorded meeting gaining you the opportunity to rewatch the  interaction & chart shared on the screen which can prove very valuable.

$123 for 30min Astrology Transit Reading

$123 for 30min Astrology Transit Reading, Chart Election, Astrocartography Relationship Readings both Davidson & Composite Midpoints. These techniques are permitted within the time purchased.

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