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Philip Astrologer

My name is Philip Daniel Miles as an Astrologer I am here to guide and empower my clients to the energies available to them in their natal chart, harnessing the waves potential with each transit with a top down birds eye view Uranian perspective I cut straight to the point of what is evolving your soul and how the process can most benefit you. 
I have been studying Astrology & Spiritual holistic healing techniques for over  a decade now, shifting my perspective from a life of escapism, low self value and lacking in direction to being enthralled by the existence of creation as well the mechanics that   that miraculously allow reflection to come to be. The gift is in our presence and each one of us bring something unique and of tremendous value to offer to this co creative experience.
I have been working with clients for 2 years now as well as having been creating uplifting and positive affirming video messages and blogs on my youtube channel I am also proud work with Lada Duncheva for in one of the best online teams and astrology communities. I was raised my my mother a (Pisces) psychotherapist who also was a nurse as well as now teaches counseling and psychotherapy at universities in England, this was a rich experience and deeply loving relationship that taught me great values, honor and integrity that I live by and use greatly within my message, teaching and readings. I have aspects in my chart that lend to my qualities such as a 4th house Sun conjunct Neptune in Capricorn, a 3rd house Mercury conjoint  Uranus in Sagittarius, a 6th house Mars conjunct Jupiter in  Pisces as well as having Moon, Katu & in the 1st house libra Ascendent. If you have any queries about my services, wish to make a booking please feel free to message me.

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