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Nevena Astrologer

I’m Nevena. Or Calendula – like the flower.
I’m a numerologist, teacher and coach. But above all I am a compassionate person who loves exploring people and helping them be their very best.
I fell in love with astrology and numerology since early childhood. I’ve never stopped learning and exploring ever since. Knowledge and especially self-knowledge give you insights and power – the power to be and the power to change and grow.
I love numerology for its accuracy, for the big picture of your life that it provides and for the important and interesting details. In a magical way everything comes together, some big questions find their answers while new ones emerge. It’s a thrilling step in the lifelong process of self-discovery. 
I’m fascinated to this day by the amount of information that lies behind your names and date of birth. There lies a story. The story of YOU. 
One that I’m eager to tell.

Here are my services

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Answer to one question with Numerology $50

The question should be connected with one name and date of birth. The question needs to be regarding you, concern the future and be clearly phrased. You’ll receive the analysis in writing.

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Basic Numerological Horoscope – $75

Numerological written analysis of your names and date of birth (no time of birth is required). It consists of about 10 pages. Each horoscope includes a brief summary and 3 personal recommendations. Contact Nevena from the form on this page, once you order, to give your details

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Detailed Numerological Horoscope 16 pages $120

Detailed written analysis of your names and date of birth (no time of birth is required). It builds on the basic horoscope adding an in-depth analysis of your names and Pythagoras’ Matrix. It consists of about 15 pages. Each horoscope ends with a brief summary and 3 personal recommendations.

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Partnership Numerology Reading $100

The written analysis is built on two names and dates of birth. Please mention the type of partnership in question – it could be romantic, friendship, family or business one. The analysis is based on numerology with added insight from astrology and Chinese astrology.  

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