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Marina is an amazing astrologer !! I totally recommend

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I love all of your work! I have seen all the webinars you have done with Lada, and I;m looking forward to your next two very much. I also wanted to say that I found your monthly videos to be the best I have ever seen. I love the chart and the dates that you mention!

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I had Marina do my child’s chart and I can tell you it blew my mind away. She sent me a written report of about 5 pages and I couldn’t believe how accurate it was. It seemed to me like she was in my house and described my son in such details that only myself and my husband know. She also warned me about the potential difficulties that were waiting him due to one planetary transit. I was baffled when I read that he would have difficulties with his adaptation and concentration in his kindergarten. I couldn’t believe that because he was loving his two current schools. Not even three days later (after receiving her report), he told me that he doesn’t want to go to his Montessori ...

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I love her!!!!! I got a reading from her and it was the BEST! She is sooo knowledgable remember her if you ever want a reading!

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Marina Astrologer

Psychological Astrologer

Marina Stoichkova has a comprehensive experience as an astrologer since 2013. She specializes in psychological astrology, with emphasis on the interdependence of the inner world and the outer reality. Marina's approach is both spiritual and practical. She helps her clients get clarity around their psychological patterns, blockages, and blind spots so that they can increase their awareness and improve the quality of their life. She explores psychological archetypes, shadow, persona, anima/animus, subconscious conflicts, etc. 

Marina uses different predictive methods to define the most important themes which are currently triggered.


You can get a single reading or a package of sessions.


Education and qualification:

  • 5-year Astrology training with Moscow Academy of Astrology
  • Ongoing training in Jungian Psychology
  • Master's degree in Psychology
  • Variety of courses in psychosomatics, family tree dynamics, energy and holistic healing, etc.
  • Master's degree in Biochemistry
  • Master's degree in Health Management
  • Bachelor's degree in Ecology



40-min Recorded Psychological Astrology Reading $159

Astrology will help you to understand yourself better. You may get clarity about different life areas like love, family, finances, career, vocation, and life mission. You can better understand your strengths and talents and which are your potential challenges, and the things you need to work on.

The reading includes:

  • Psychological analysis of your birth chart
  • Identifying the important patterns, psychological blockages, and blind spots
  • Constructive ways and strategies for improving your psychological and emotional wellbeing.


The psychological astrology reading is very beneficial for children.



60-min Recorded Reading or Zoom Session $199

In this session, we can explore your horoscope from different perspectives - astrology patterns, psychological blockages, and blind spots, as well as prediction.

The reading may include:

  • Psychological analysis
  • Astrology analysis of concrete life areas
  • Prediction
  • Energy coaching (only for a live session)



Birth Time Rectification $139

Knowing the exact time of your birth plays a crucial role in the accuracy of your natal chart and the following prediction. The rectification method allows me to define the precise time of your birth by using the dates/periods of past events in your life. 

You need to provide:

  • Date, place, and approximate time of birth (within 2-3 hours)
  • Dates/periods of important events in your life – marriage, children, death of close people, emigration, graduation, traumas/surgeries, etc.
  • Profile picture – not mandatory, but recommended.


NEW Rapid Healing and Transformation with GSR by Marina - click here to go to the page and purchase this service

What is GSR?

GSR is a revolutionary and one-of-a-kind method that works with the person's inner world so that they can live a more abundant and fulfilling life both on an internal level and in the outside world.

The method is based on the finding that we are triggered and affected by different ancestors' scenarios. In every life situation - we can repeat the family patterns, or they can lead to various barriers and energy blockages that can lead to problems or stop us from achieving our goals.

With GSR, we "fix" the energy flows that come from the family field - we remove the energy blockages and unfold the natural resource within us.

What can you achieve with GSR?

  • Work on psychosomatic issues and improve your health
  • Improve your personal life and relationships
  • Enhance your career and business
  • Fix money blockages and increase your income
  • Release emotional problems
  • Boost your confidence and productivity

It may take up to 3-4 weeks to receive your reading/rectification or schedule your session. 

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

40-min Recorded Psychological Astrology Reading $159

Once you order this reading you can contact Marina via the form below with your questions and birth details. 

60-min Recorded Reading or Zoom Session $199

Once you order, send an email to Marina from the contact form below, describing your questions and birth details. 

Birth Time Rectification $139

Finding the exact minute of your birth based on past evens from your life. 
Once you order, contact Marina from the form below, she will let you know what information she needs from you to complete the rectification. 

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