Marina Astrologer

Western Astrologer

Marina has an extensive experience as western astrologer, life coach and Bach flower consultant. By combining those methods, she can provide the most personalized strategies which will help you to live your best life.

“I have always been interested in human nature. I started with exploring genetics and biochemistry which allowed me to understand how the human body works. Then I wanted to understand more about the human soul and here is how I found my biggest passion and the meaning of my life – Astrology. After that I wanted to find the right tools which can help people to transform their lives and that’s how I found the Bach flower essences, life coaching, psychology, etc.”


Education and qualification:
Bachelor’s degree in Ecology
Master’s degree in Biochemistry
Master’s degree in Health Care Management
5-year training in Astrology by Moscow Academy of Astrology
Extensive training in Life Coaching by Tony Robbins Institute  
Psychology training for astrologers by Moscow Academy of Astrology
Training in Bach Flower Essences


40-min Video Recorded Astrology Reading $147

Astrology (your birth chart) may help you to understand yourself better. You may get clarity about different life areas like love, family, finances, career, vocation and life mission. You can understand better which are your strengths and talents and which are your potential challenges and the things you need to work on.

The reading may include:

General analysis of your birth chart

Prediction for 1 year

Some of the methods which are used are solar arc directions, secondary progressions, solar return charts, transits, heliacal phases, etc. 

It may take up to 3 weeks to receive your reading.


60-min Astro-Life Coaching Session via Skype $247

Life Coaching may help you to get the results that you seek. 

Career focus – improve your productivity and time management 

Finances – manage your resources and attract abundance 

Relationships – improve your connection with other people

Mindset – develop the way of thinking which will bring you success and happiness

Wellness – enhance your femininity 

Some of the methods which are used are Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Strategic Intervention, guided meditations, home assignments, Bach Flower Essences, ancient and occult exercises, etc.

Keep in mind that for optimal results you may need a couple of sessions, usually once in 2-3 weeks.


Birth Time Rectification $120

Knowing the exact time of your birth plays a crucial role for the accuracy of your natal chart and the following prediction. The method of rectification allows us to define the exact time of your birth by using the dates/periods of past events in your life. In order to do that you need to provide:

Date, place and approximate time of birth (within 2-3 hours)

Dates/periods of important events in your life – marriage, children, death of close people, emigration, graduation, traumas/surgeries, etc.

Profile picture – not mandatory, but recommended

It may take up to 3 weeks to receive your rectification.

Here are my services

40-min Video Recorded Astrology Reading $147

Once you order this reading you can contact Marina via the form below with your questions and birth details. 

60-min Astro-Life Coaching Session via Skype $247

Once you order, send an email to Marina from the contact form below, describing your questions and birth details. 

Birth Time Rectification $120

Finding the exact minute of your birth based on past evens from your life. 
Once you order, contact Marina from the form below, she will let you know what information she needs from you to complete the rectification. 

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