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Maria provided me with a very thorough review of possible medical issues based on my chart. Many of them were right on! She also suggested numerous remedies and I was very pleased that these were all homeopathic and herbal, her approach is very holistic. This has been a very useful report which I will revisit often. I am so glad I ordered it!

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Maria Astrologer

Medical Astrology Doctor

Introduction / about myself and Iatromathematics (medical astrology)

Being a medical doctor in surgery, emergency, and Ayurveda I discovered how to use Astro-diagnosis to figure out what had caused the serious health issues I had as a child. Eventually, I left my surgical practice to devote myself to a combination of holistic, Western medicine, Ayurveda and medical astrology. It has always been my goal to cure patients in a non-invasive method whenever possible even as a former surgeon.

ASTRO-DIAGNOSIS is the science and art of obtaining scientific knowledge regarding disease and its causes as shown by the planets, as well as the means of overcoming it. The main utility of medical astrology is to deliver an indication as to whether the cosmic effects extant at the time of a disease are likely to be beneficial or detrimental to the sufferer. Iatromathematics can be applied likewise in prophylaxis.

Medicorum Astrologia

Zurich, Switzerland

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Tel. +41 76 282 98 98

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

$120 General medical astrology outlook

General medical astrology outlook (weak spots for health) based on your natal chart, some remedy suggestions, 

$600 Complete assessment, diagnosis and remedies

Complete assessment, diagnosis and remedies using classical and ayurvedic medical astrology: natal chart, profections, fixed stars, asteroids, degree meanings, 6th house cusp, ascendant, afflicted signs/houses. signs, angles that planets make among them, degree meaning and much more.

$200 Medical compatibility, 4-5 pages

Medical compatibility, 4-5 pages. Sometimes partners or people we live with can have a very strong affect on our health, if you want to find out if your partner might be influencing your health, this is the service for you. This report can be made for anybody in the sense of as well business partnerships etc. Of course, here we do need the birth data of both subjects. It can be as well ordered not only for medical purposes. 

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