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If you are wondering whether to contact Dr. Maria for Medical Astrology, I can definitely say just Do It! Do It Now! I jumped right in with the Complete Assessment, Diagnosis and Remedies and Wow! What spectacular information! You will not regret this service from Dr. Maria. She is so knowledgeable and compassionate that I feel very fortunate to have found her. Her assessment and diagnosis were right on and I have followed her treatments with great success. I have a medical background and can tell you that Dr. Maria is "the Real Deal"! A great value for services. A thank you to Lada for having such an expert available to us! Special thank you to Dr Maria for being such a talented, intuitive ...

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I cannot thank Dr Maria Johnson for all the time and care that she has gone into putting together a report for me. She was able to work out my rising sign from big events in my life, and went through an accurate lengthy process to get it right. It something I didn't know I could find out. Her assessment was bang on correct with the issues I've been facing and it has been very comforting to have the medical, herbal and lifestyle advice she gave to help me on my path to healing. Thank you so much Maria for you kindness, caring & work. I wish you all the very best x

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Maria delivered a great, comprehensive analysis that is advice for life and I was very pleased to be able to gift it to my sister. Her advices regarding remedies are very valuable and I find them literally as instructions for getting the most of your body and health. Best wishes to you, Maria, continue your great work!

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Dr.Maria Johnson is heaven sent ....her heart is so big ...she has given me such great results that have educated me as to why I have had my health problems. I really admire her knowledge of the stars and medicine ...I just love her. She's my angel !!!

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Dr. Maria Johnson is absolutely very knowledgeable on every topic of Astrology and Medicine. Wow, she wrote me 28 page complete report for heath problem I came to her with. I was feeling lost, when I was listening to a video on YouTube with Astrolada and Dr. Maria Johnson. The video was so detailed and I was like I have to write to her and ask her to do a Medical Astro report for me. I sent her an email and she responded right away! She was so nice with me! I strongly recommend you to get a Medical Astrology with her to find out about your health issues and remedies about them.

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Your report is absolutely awesome. It has been accurate and contains much medical information of value for the prevention and / or natural treatment for the health conditions described. It is very specific, astrologically speaking, and this gives it greater value in my opinion. Also,knowing what I'm dealing with gave me more assurance. You are a very empathetic person and definitely diligent with time, always answered all the emails I sent to you with my questions. I am very satisfied with your work. Always grateful.

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Before consulting Dr.Maria Johnson our family was exhausted and confused. But due to an extensive, in depth report with natural therapeutic recomendations, and a fast delivery, we have been able to change the course of our path. Dr. Maria is quick to assist, with kindness and professionalism. We are grateful to her, and Thank You for an excellent job!

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A very thorough and considered report with a wealth of information and valuable insights on the body and mind. I am very grateful for the extensive report concerning my current health ailments as well as illuminating information for consideration in relation to overall health and well-being and future surgeries. Included were references to herbs and acupressure points to alleviate potential imbalances. A lovely human being with a real care and warmth that is evident in her reports. I highly recommend seeking her counsel

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I reached out to Maria Johnson following some small health issues that have begun to surface. I was amazingly surprised in how accurate her medical reading was.The report is extremely detailed and is a wonderful tool to have to help stave off possible future ailments/illnesses. The reading picked up the issues I currently have and also several issues that tend to run in my family. I highly recommend Maria if you are seeking a way to keep healthy by addressing current problems and potential issue BEFORE they arrive. Thank you Maria for such a wonderful detailed report. I really appreciate the work that you invested into this reading.

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I also am an empath and educated as a Healer and I completely trust her to take me deeper on my healing and health journey. I consider Dr. Maria and her skills similar to John The Baptiste. who'll take you on your next step of healing. I am grateful to have finally connected with her! Dr. Maria is a Healer's Healer! I highly recommend her and her abilities.

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Dr. Maria is a brilliant and well educated woman with the sensitivity and intuition of an empathic while still being firmly grounded in reality She is educated as a Medical Doctor, a Medical Astrologer and a Practiscioner of the Vedic Principles. I hired her to go deep into my astrological chart and help me heal from the toxic pharmaceuticals that I have taken due to a serious life threatening illness present in my life and my body.

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I have been having a lot of health issues for the last ten years that I have not been able to solve with going to regular western doctors. So, after listening to an interview with Dr. Maria on Lada's channel, I knew getting a reading would really help me to understand my body a lot better than I had before. She's very knowledgeable of her astrology and offers meanings and suggestions to finding a pathway to healing. I am grateful for acquiring this ancient wisdom and knowledge for my healing journey that is going off in a slightly different direction now that I have some of the missing information that I need to heal myself. Thank You.

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I am so happy I ordered this report as I have a better understanding on how to prevent illnesses and how to deal with present health issues with an holistic approach. She even answered my questions and concerns after getting the report which I appreciated.. I can highly recommend her services.

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I would like to say, that I had the greatest experience having Dr. Johnson do my medical Birth chart reading. I was totally blown away at her accuracy and how she has a beautiful approach by where she gives you instruction on how to heal the body naturally. Dr. Johnson had no Idea who I was or what medical problems I have. She was bang on in every account. You will be so amazed by her accuracy and her down to earth mannerisms. When she talks about your illness not being genetic she is again so correct about this. The planetary positions in your chart on the day you were born is like a recipe from heaven as to what things you will have to deal with in your life time.

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I have consulted ayurvedic doctors, natural medicine professionals and astrologers over the years for my daughter's health issues, but was always frustrated by the barriers between these fields of knowledge of human health. Maria breaks all these barriers and combines astrology and ayurvedic and modern medicine to help her clients. Her work is deep,extensive, professional and meticulous. She performs a thorough astro-analysis of the birth chart and provides a detailed report with natural therapeutic recommendations based on her findings. What makes Maria exceptional is as much her boundless knowledge as her professionalism and kindness.

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Maria is incredibly knowledgeable in medical astrology and her report exceeded all my expectations. She gave me insights into conditions and how particular aspects in my chart showed possible and current health issues. Maria picked up on issues that I did not mention to her and it was repeatedly highlighted in the report which shows how accurate her analysis is. Her background as a medical doctor makes her report a great medically appropriate source with a holistic approach. She has a wealth of information on herbal remedies and it was so useful to have remedies for each area of focus and ailment. I am so grateful for her attention to detail and she gave me the answers I am seeking

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Maria provided me with a very thorough review of possible medical issues based on my chart. Many of them were right on! She also suggested numerous remedies and I was very pleased that these were all homeopathic and herbal, her approach is very holistic. This has been a very useful report which I will revisit often. I am so glad I ordered it!

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Maria Astrologer

Medical Astrology Doctor

Introduction / about myself and Iatromathematics (medical astrology)

Being a medical doctor in surgery, emergency, and Ayurveda I discovered how to use Astro-diagnosis to figure out what had caused the serious health issues I had as a child. Eventually, I left my surgical practice to devote myself to a combination of holistic, Western medicine, Ayurveda and medical astrology. It has always been my goal to cure patients in a non-invasive method whenever possible even as a former surgeon.

ASTRO-DIAGNOSIS is the science and art of obtaining scientific knowledge regarding disease and its causes as shown by the planets, as well as the means of overcoming it. The main utility of medical astrology is to deliver an indication as to whether the cosmic effects extant at the time of a disease are likely to be beneficial or detrimental to the sufferer. Iatromathematics can be applied likewise in prophylaxis.


Medicorum Astrologia

Zurich, Switzerland

maria.johnson11 (Skype)

As well Zoom

Tel. +41 76 282 98 98

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

Nutritional astrology $150

Based on the natal chart of an individual I can prepare a "nutritional strategy plan" (I do not want to call it "diet")- In this service I will include herbal remedies too beside alimentation as such.

Astro-medical report for pet (Small report) $120

I am working with my own Veterinarian doctor as I have since more than 30 years dogs. My doggy is now 6 (West Highland white Terrier or "Cesar dog"). The medical terminology is pretty much the very same as the ones of us humans and I have been "diagnosing" my pet myself as their physiology is almost very similar as humans. For being sure about a diagnosis, I will sit with him and sort out whatever my findings are. The price (also the ones for us) does not really cover the intense work and hours/days that I spend to consider all the facts in a natal chart. I mention this, just in case people think is too high. Here we usually charge Swiss Francs 250 per hour for a medical consultation which is about 230 USD! Vets charge the very same.

Astro-medical report for pet. Complete astro-medical report with diagnosis $600

$120 General medical astrology outlook

General medical astrology outlook (weak spots for health) based on your natal chart, some remedy suggestions. Does not include any sort of diagnosis. PLEASE DO NOT USE AS FOR THE TIME OF BIRTH "AM" or "PM". In Europe we use the 24 hour system - e.g. 03.14 as afternoon birth = 15:14). Incorrect given birth data apply to exclusion of liability. 

$600 Complete assessment, diagnosis and remedies

Complete assessment, diagnosis and remedies using classical and ayurvedic medical astrology: natal chart, fixed stars, degree meanings, 6th house cusp, ascendant, afflicted signs/houses. Mid-Points, signs, aspects that planets make among them. PLEASE DO NOT USE AS FOR THE TIME OF BIRTH "AM" or "PM". In Europe we use the 24 hour system - e.g. 03.14 as afternoon birth = 15:14). Incorrect given birth data apply to exclusion of liability. 

$200 Medical compatibility, 4-5 pages

Medical compatibility, 4-5 pages. Sometimes partners or people we live with can have a very strong affect on our health, if you want to find out if your partner might be influencing your health, this is the service for you. This report can be made for anybody in the sense of as well business partnerships etc. Of course, here we do need the birth data of both subjects. It can be as well ordered not only for medical purposes. 

Teeth meridians and your health $100

Each tooth is related to an acupuncture meridian which is related to various organs, tissues and glands in the body on this particular meridian or "energy highway." This connection can often indicate your overall health and wellness by reviewing your dental condition. If a person has a weak internal organ, the condition of the associated meridian tooth could make it considerably more problematic

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