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I just recently had a reading about finances with Mamita and she was amazing! She described my situation to a t and answered pretty much every question that was bothering me. I've watched her recording a few times (probably will watch it again) and I get new revelations each time I watch it! Definitely planning on going back to her in the future :)

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Mamita Astrologer

Intuitive Tarot Reader

Mamita is an intuitive tarot reader, clairsentient, vocalist, and artist. At a very young age, she developed a deep fascination of the occult that was nurtured and supported in her hometown New Orleans. Like many Intuitives before her, childhood was filled with unexplainable, supernatural experiences that were often disregarded as anxiety and an overactive imagination. This fear that resulted from those experiences would delay her exploration with her intuition but fueled her obsession with the study and pursuit of occult and esoteric knowledge.

She began her studies in astrology as a pre-teen when her mother introduced her to Linda Goodman's Sun Signs and in high school, she was gifted her first tarot deck by a dear friend. These studies would be topics she explored and came back to for many years during her study and pursuit of music and art. At the precipice of her Saturn Return, she was triggered into a deep spiritual awakening caused by a series of traumatic events. This awakening propelled her into a ferocious study of yoga, tarot, and astrology.

She wanted to heal herself and learn to heal others. Her studies have helped her reach a sense of peace and clarity she always pursued in her art. Most importantly it has given her a tool to navigate through the ever-changing seas of life and a deeper purpose in this human experience. She offers you her services in the hope that they bring you the same.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

PROMO Be A Boss and Find Your Strength // Aries Season WAS $120, NOW is $99

30 minute Live Skype Reading // 6 question reading for guidance and solutions to apply as well as follow up question card pulls. The most personal and in depth reading offered!  What energy supports me? What is my biggest obstacle? What is my hidden talent to release/explore? What should be my next step? What attitude or lesson do I need to adopt? Final Outcome/Message

Venus Exalted - with Mamita $64

This love reading is designed to gain insight into the two players involved and their connection together. Foundation, connection and strengths or weaknesses will be explored as well as practical advice to move forward. Explore the potential of your relationships with Venus Exalted // A Love Reading. 
*Venus Exalted Readings last approximately 15 - 25 mins.

Eclipse reading $70

15 minutes reading 

Pyramid Reading with Mamita $53

This tarot card reading offers a deeper insight on how to achieve your goals and desired future with a pyramid storyboard 6 card spread. *Pyramid Readings last approximately 10 - 20 mins.

As Above, So Below - $75

This nine-card reading connects the bridges of our choices to bring a clearer picture of the influences above and below us. This reading is one of my favorites because it really allows me to see deeper into what can propel my client into the future of their dreams or hinder them from achieving their goals. 
*As Above, So Below Readings last approximately 20 - 30 mins.

Celtic Cross Traditional Tarot Reading - $75

This reading is offered with the traditional Celtic Cross spread. (10 cards). This reading is versatile and gives me a full understanding of what energies you are working with and against. Tarot is a great way to gain insight into your hopes and dreams and can offer peace of mind or a sense of direction in achieving them.
*Celtic Cross Readings last approximately 20 - 30  mins.

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