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Lori Carvelli

Lori Carvelli Astrologer

Advanced Intuitive Astrologer

I have earned an Associates Degree in Social Sciences. I am a Second Degree Reiki Healer, mother of three adult daughters and grandmother to, two sweet little grandsons.  

Coordinate your Zoom meeting with Lori. 

After making the purchase please email us or Lori at - and send us your birth time, full birth date and birth city

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

PROMO Lover's Reading $224

The Lover's Reading is for couples. The Promo Price is $224.00 and it entails a Zoom session for an hour.

Your Black Moon Lillth Reading! $222.00

Face her! Extinguish her!

Couple's Black Moon Lillith Reading $444.00

Those readings come with two Zoom meetings

Honest Reading $203

two-part reading involving a written reading and an hour of Zoom Consultation

Astrology by the Stars School 'One on One Lessons'

One on One Teaching of Astrology by the Stars with Lori! Cost is $1000.00 for each 10 week Module. Lori teaches you one on one for one and half hours a week for 10 weeks. After four of those 10 week Learning Modules; you'll have enough knowledge to open your own Astrology Practice!

Birth Chart Reading $111

ONLY Zoom reading ! I will be your Personal LIfe Coach Astrologer and we'll discuss any topic that you want as it pertains to Astrology. Coaching by the Stars requires a prerequisite Birth Chart Reading. $111

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