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PROMO Lori Carvelli

PROMO Lori Carvelli Astrologer

Advanced Intuitive Astrologer

I have earned an Associates Degree in Social Sciences. I am a Second Degree Reiki Healer, mother of three adult daughters and grandmother to, two sweet little grandsons.  

I WRITE all of my readings and teach and coach via Zoom!

After making the purchase please email us or Lori at - and send us your birth time, full birth date and birth city

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

PROMO Key Chain Reading NOW $49.99

Key Chain Reading is a comprehensive analysis of your behavioral  patterns that repeat in the cycles of time mentally, physically and emotionally, based on your star patterns. Your Cosmic birthright is a living, moving vital energy force. This reading will help you discover those patterns! It's a great pre-requisite to Astrology Coaching! Cost: $49.99 for the next month and then will go to $69.99.

PROMO The 12 Revolving Episodes Reading NOW $59.99!

The 12 Revolving Episodes Reading is a theoretical review of the cycles of the planetary ages where we tie karmic knots over and over again. This reading will help you untie those knots and break free as we explore your very own Wheel of Life. Cost $59.99 for the next month and will go to $79.99.

Astrology Coaching by the Stars

I offer Astrology Coaching by the Stars which entails one on one weekly meetings via Zoom for any and all life issues according to the client's stars. The cost has a preliminary charge for Birth Chart Analysis of one hundred dollars and the Weekly sessions cost $100.00 an hour via Zoom for as long as the client wants to meet. 

Birth Chart Reading $75

I will be your Personal LIfe Coach Astrologer and we'll discuss any topic that you want as it pertains to Astrology. Coaching by the Stars requires a prerequisite Birth Chart Reading. $75.00 

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