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After a quiet search I picked Lady Casha almost 2 years ago. Honestly I was not really excited about my first session. Maybe I was too used to Spiritual Entertainment and then I realized recently everything she told me became true as time goes by. Of course I contacted her again. INCREDIBLE humans are in between us. Thank you Lady Casha. Batts Batsuren

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I just want to thank you for the words you gave me after our session. I have said them every morning since you emailed them to me last fall. I am in a completely different place than I was when we first spoke. I so appreciate your help in getting me there. Thanks for giving me a step in the right direction. I will carry your lesson with me through all my days

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The reading I had felt like true soul counseling. Sometimes you go for a reading and you have questions coming from the ego self, but Lady Casha gave me the reading that my soul needed to hear, which is what gives the real value and internal peace in the end. She went above and beyond to answer all of my questions in depth, and to accommodate some specific requests I had. She gave me the bigger picture, as well as practical advice on how to move forward right now, which I plan to implement. I am very pleased with this experience and I just want to say a big thank you

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I had a 1 hour session with Lady Casha and I can’t recommend her enough. She has way of making you feel at ease, the conversation flowed naturally between her general intuitive messages and providing guidance to my specific questions. We touched primarily on my souls life journey as well as near term future what to expect in the next 12 months for career and love. She also recommended healing techniques that could be beneficial for me and ended the call with suggested affirmations based on our conversation that should put into practice. I’m so glad I connected with her and look forward to a follow up checkin session!

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She has a rare gift of tuning in to what is going on behind the scenes of your life. She doesn't hesitate to tell you what she sees even if it is quite a radical change. In my case, she suggested that I was in the end phase of living in the country where I had resided for several decades. She planted this little seed in my mind that soon became a full-blown transatlantic move which feels like I have moved from darkness into Light. Her words gave me the necessary courage to take a dream and a vision and make it real. Once I set out to create this new life for myself everything fell into place in the most magical way

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Now it will be my job to fend off or transmute the doubt and fear that still arises from the ego level and trust the Divine guidance that is with me at all times. Lady Casha has definitely joined the ranks as one of my trusted teachers and mentors. I am very grateful

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I was panicking about my lease, not knowing if I was going to get it renewed or not. So, in a moment of despair I talked to Lady Casha about it. She said: "Hm, I'm not so sure you'll actually continue living in that apartment. I see you in a place you'd never imagine you could afford. But I wouldn't worry about it. You will be able to afford it.” And that's exactly what happened! I have moved into my dream house and on top of that I could actually pay for it! Thank you Lady Casha for your amazingly pure sight and wise words. What might have seemed a bit vague in the moment, in hindsight turned out to be crystal clear

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I have listened to the recording several times since our reading. I am moved every time and I feel like for the first time in my life someone is talking to my soul. The feeling is wonderful and warm. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Such soothing energy from you. You have given me a lot of consolation and clarity.

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Lady Casha is insightful, patient, and warm. She helped me gain clarity about what choices lay ahead. She also helped me feel very empowered, showing me how I could change the outcome if I worked on myself and was very insightful about what I needed to change with a lot of detail. I would highly recommend her.(RP, Canada)

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I want to say a big thank you to Lady Casha for her invaluable insight into my life path and for her gentle and compassionate energy. I don't usually consult psychics, but something felt profoundly right about getting in touch with her. I got this reading in a very pivotal time of my life and not only was she spot on, but I got so many confirmations about who I am and what I'm here to do. I think her guidance helped me to get past my doubts and fears and to fully embrace my journey. I feel like a different person. I highly recommend her services to anyone who feels lost on their life path.

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I watched your YouTube video with Lada. Was very interesting and I gained lots of insight. Made me feel right trying to find myself. I have been feeling blocked for a while in which period I seem to loose all my material entitlements. I survived believing I needed to pass through this dark tunnel to be in the light. Am 63 yrs old in this new world that just happened.

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Thanks for the presentation you made on Lada Duncheva's website today. It made a lot of sense. I am not psychic myself. Happy Easter and beyond.

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I had a session with Lady Casha yesterday. Wow! Like many people, I have been going through an amazing spiritual transformation that has been particularly intense over the last couple of years. I have felt that I am in a very profound stage like just before a caterpillar transforms to a butterfly and needed a certain type of insight. I came across Lady Casha on one of Astro Lada’s YouTube videos and was immediately drawn to her. She was spot on about what has been going on lately and my whole life path!

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Lady Casha

Lady Casha Psychic

Mystic, Psychic and Healer

I am a mystic, psychic and a healer. My gifts are innate, I am predominantly claircognizant - clear knowing - and intuitive. I channel the soul and the higher mind and I connect with and read energy.


I’ve been a professional numerologist since 2001 and in 2008 I connected on a deeper level with my psychic abilities and started doing oracle card readings. I have been a regular tarot reader on a psychic online service since 2014.


I am a certified practitioner of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) – a method of identifying and removing blocks and interferences – which I use in combination with my own energy tools to facilitate healing. 


I have been on a mystical path since the mid 90‘s when I had spiritual awakening after years of being lost and searching for wholeness. Through a fated encounter with numerology I realized I am a soul and that I could create a new reality for myself. I started to use prayer, affirmative prayer and affirmations and not long after I had a series of mystical experiences and was led to insights, circumstances and events that changed my life for ever. By making an inner connection to my spiritual self/soul/the divine within, which has been my foundation ever since, my being and my life totally transformed.


I am now in my early sixties and have a vast and diverse experience of many different kinds of metaphysical and healing systems and modalities that I have tried, studied and worked with since then. I live a life I thought never would be possible, not only restored to health, wholeness, love, creativity, prosperity and abundance, but way beyond.


I have worked with the best and have had the opportunity in my turn to help many over the years - to come home to themselves, just like I once did. As a spiritual mentor I can be a guide to spiritual growth and manifestation for those that wish and are ready.


I am also an artist - a painter, a writer and I design and make dresses. My first career was in feature film production and I have directed a few short films myself. I have also studied on the psychology program although I did not complete to a degree.


The tiger is a symbolic representation of my soul and not revealing my person is a soul choice. It keeps the ego in check, and as it is all about energy, it helps keeping the energetic connection free from distractions and unwanted influences.


I am delighted to be here and that you have showed up on this page. It is probably not a coincidence and if you feel drawn to my energy and my work I warmly welcome you to connect - I look forward to being of service!


Due to a high volume of incoming requests for readings there is a delay in response from Lady Casha, so please accept 3-4 days after a purchase or message for her to connect and please check your junk mail if you have not heard anything from her by then. Thank you for being understanding. 
Please be aware when you book that there is also currently a waiting time for sessions of about 1 week!
PLEASE KNOW: Lady Casha ALWAYS respond to incoming messages and purchases or readings, within a maximum of 96 hours.
If you have NOT gotten a reply within that time, PLEASE get back to us immediately and make us aware. E-mail sometimes get lost in cyberspace and sometimes the human factor has a little dot or a letter wrong.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

Psychic/energy readings/spiritual mentoring. Spiritual response therapy/clearings & healing 1 hour $200

Whether you want a psychic prediction, energetic analysis, a clearing and healing or spiritual assistance/mentoring, the services are offered by time.   This service is sometimes complemented by e-mail after session providing additional resources and tools. Can be done by phone, skype or zoom (audio only)   For the reading you are welcome to provide:  - your full name as given to you at birth - the day, month, year, location and time of day/night of your birth It is not necessary for the reading to be of full value but an optional offering - with this information Lady Casha will look at your charts (numerology, astrology, etc) beforehand, and even though this is a psychic reading or clearing/healing, she will have it with her as you meet and use it for additional insight as it comes through.   

Psychic/energy readings/spiritual mentoring. Spiritual response therapy/clearings & healing 30 minutes $100

For the reading you are welcome to provide:  - your full name as given to you at birth - the day, month, year, location and time of day/night of your birth It is not necessary for the reading to be of full value but an optional offering - with this information Lady Casha will look at your charts (numerology, astrology, etc) beforehand, and even though this is a psychic reading or clearing/healing, she will have it with her as you meet and use it for additional insight as it comes through. 

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