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Sidereal Astrologer
Dr. Krasi Attasio DMA is Bulgarian sidereal astrologer of ancient astrology who gained her doctoral degree in cross-cultural communication from the UBI in Brussels, Belgium. She received her qualification in ancient Babylonian astrology from the astrologer, astrolab researcher and astronomer Rumen Kolev.
She is a graduate of the Academy of Medieval Astrology of Robert Zoller in London where she obtained the DMA title in medieval astrology (below are the diplomas).
Krasi is an astronomy student of the belgian observatory Urania.
She currently offers worldwide astrology consultations using the valuable methods of the ancient Mesopotamians dated 5500 years BC. Krasi works as consulting astrologer in two Dutch national telephone lines of astrologers and mediums.
Currently, together with the clinical psychologist Dr Boyka Dimitrova, Krasi takes part in an american reseach on the link between the birth horoscopes of individuals from the autistic spectra and psychology.


Here are my services

Relationship Horoscope $200

This is the art of relationship astrology. It is a very reliable analysis on how two people interact with each other and how compatible they are.   Astrology ConsultationsSynastry can be made for love relationships, family, friendships, corporate and other people interactions.   This method involves comparative analysis of the charts of both persons involved using the methods of the astrology of Mesopotamia as our study is based on the knowledge from the Arabic and Latin translations of the secret doctrine of Hermes Trismegist (5000 years BC).   For synastry the following information is needed   The birth dates of both persons involved: day/month/year and time (even if approximate) The places of birth of both persons involved: place and country Synastry consultations are conducted either through Skype or Viber,  and takes about two hours.

Answer to One Question with Horary Astrology $100

This is an ancient astrology technique that provides a detailed answer to specific question. Any question can be answered in astrology reading.   It works by answering question through studying the astrological charts set for the exact time and place of asking a question.   It does not give insight on the entire life of a person as the natal astrology does. From a horary astrology chart, one can find the answer only to that specific question that generated it.   Horary consultations are conducted either through Skype, Viber

Birth Rectification + Extensive Horoscopes Reading 2 Hours $380

The Birth Time Rectification is done when one does not know his/her exact time of birth. The precise birth time is always very important in order valid and reliable astrological predictions to be made. This reading includes complete analysis of your natal chart after the adjustment of your birth time. For the rectification procedure the following information is needed:     Your birth date
    Your place of birth: place and country
    The approximate time of birth (if applicable)
    A chronology of important life events, around ten In order to rectify your birth time I am using the very valuable ancient technic Primary Directions and the secret aspects, that were used by the ancient Babylonian astrologers. This procedure is very knowledge-based and time consuming. This is the real art of astrology. The birth time rectification consultation includes a free reading of your rectified natal chart.

Extensive Life Horoscope $200

Natal Astrology is the study and analysis of your birth chart and preparing a personal horoscope that provides information on one’s psychological portrait and character capabilities, professional orientation, personal life, marriage, children, health, finances, fate and more. For this reason, the following information is needed:   Your birth date: day/month/year and time (even if approximate) Your place of birth: place and country Natal consultations are conducted either through Skype, takes about two hours. This service includes prior to the consultation study and preparation time.  

Astrological Talisman Consulation $140

Astrological Magic- Talismans
The astrological magic is the finest art of astrology. This is actually the royal art of astrology known for centuries to have served variety of needs of royalties and the knowledgeable people. The TALISMANS made in appropriate planetary and stellar time following ancient Babylonian consecration rituals are made to serve variety of needs, such as: to bring • prosperity and abundance • love and attraction • money and wealth • good health and energies • … To receive my advice on which is the right astrological talisman personally for you in order to serve the needs of your natal chart only and to serve as a remedy and to improve the quality of your life, you may order astrological consultation only for creating your personal talisman. This consultation will include a basic reading-description of the most important details of your natal chart.
Astrological magic consultations are conducted either through Skype, Viber, personally or over the phone.  

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