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Kathy Astrologer

Tarot & Astrology
Hello and welcome.
I am Kathy K. and I would like to thank you in advance for being here.
Let me lead you through the veil of intrigue and enlighten you through the mystic realms…via Tarot and Astrology which I find fascinating! For your information I am a Virgo Sun and Rising and a Leo a Moon (Selene). Therefore, the finer details are my craft…hence, I am in my element with Astrology!

I am a strong believer in signs and synchronicities and that everything happens for a reason, so, if you are here right now and looking for guidance, it was meant to be. I do hope that I can be of service to you….

Within my readings I have incorporated both Tarot & Astrology for the most accurate analysis into the querent’s cosmos and future. My belief is that both compliment each other and as such, the results are astounding! You see, the Tarot for me is an effective means of penetrating into the mysterious and of the unknown. It is an effective tool which aids to furthermore support one’s divinatory proficiencies. …

Subsequently, and in accordance with Astrology, I have this to be precise and justifiable.   From an early age, I discovered that through my dreams, and through my higher self, I had the ability to look deeper within the mundane of the day to day life and derive information and transparency in regards to the future. Gradually, this gift flourished and evolved into an understanding of my capabilities and as a result, I felt the necessity to utilize this legacy and to reach out to people who can benefit from it.  

Over time and whilst daring to acknowledge an inner calling, I was compelled to this paradigm, and I discovered that it was fascinating, intriguing and life changing. Intuitively I had already perceived this, and through research, study and deep soul searching, I acquired the validation that I was seeking.   The Universe, I have accepted, is proactive and foresees the needs and wishes of all its children. It is abundant, and motherly, and endeavours to gratify humanity overall. Ultimately, it would be my pleasure to guide and support others who are seeking clarity with their personal dilemmas and complications in their lives....

Here are my services

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30 minutes Skype or Recorded reading with Kathy $68

Up to 2 questions in relation to any topic. You can contact me to schedule the reading from the contact form

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45 min Skype or Recorded Video. $99

Up to 3 questions in relation to any topic. Once you order, email me to schedule a reading from my contact form

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60 Minute Skype or Recorded vide: Astrology & Tarot $130

Up to 5 questions in relation to any topic and a brief look at your birth chart and the influencing transits of the planets. To schedule contact me on the form. 

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12 Month Year Ahead Tarot Spread $150

Focus on each month. Skype or Recorded Video. 

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Quick Fix Love & Relationship Reading. $70

Up to 2 questions. Skype or Recorded Video. A brief look at love/relationship prospects. Email me from the contact form to book

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90 Minutes Love/ Relationship Reading $170

A more in depth look at love/relationship with Tarot & your birth chart/focusing on the influencing transits of the planets. Skype or Recorded Video

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