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"I read for Phil Jackson,  coach of the Chicago bulls and correctly predicted he would win 6 NBA championship rings, I've read
Dennis Rodman
Vince Vaughn 
Nicole Eggert 
Nora Ephron
Allan Forrest Mogul
Andre Walker Oprah's hairstylist 
John Perry Barlow writer of 33 grateful dead songs
Candace Jordan, culture columnist 
Charyse Monet, actress
Cheryl Shuman, Beverly hills cannabis maven
Dennis Peron
Emerald Jane Hunter
Half Sparks
Les Walgreen
John Salley
Johnny Lew Fratto

Kat Cole


I read the gypsy Witch, LeNormande deck and have 59 yrs of experience. This gift has run in my family for countless generations and out of my 5 siblings it was noticed that I had inherited the ability to read the future. From the age of 3 when I started giving predictions,  my abilities were nurtured by my mother and grandmother lovingly referred to as Boushe'. I also remember my great grandmother giving readings at the kitchen table, all memories I cherish. I became a reiki master/teacher in 1985 working with aids and cancer patients and became an advocate for legalization of medical cannabis for the pain management of terminal patients. 

Presently I focus on reading my cards and through my readings, helping others in all areas of life. My signature is answering your questions before you ask them and giving detailed,  accurate and insightful information. I consider myself a "telephone wire" that my receives messages & information your guides have for you.

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