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I have worked in the spiritual field since 2006, as a Past Life Regression hypnotherapist, Psychic, Spiritual advisor, and Astrologer. I’ve also written educational guides about Astrology and been published in Plaza Magazine in Sweden. 


Money, purpose, flow:
Earning money while living your purpose. This reading shows HOW and WHERE, specifically, you are meant to pursue your purpose while also having financial abundance. You will also get the specific remedies for neutralising the difficult aspects that block your progress and abundance.


Personal reading:
This is all about your talents, strengths and potential, as well as keys to overcome blockages to your flow in love and life. Includes remedies, future, career, love life, and other things. 

Relationship analysis:
In depth analysis on your relationship. Includes remedies for difficult aspects. 

Here are my services

Money, Purpose & Flow report - $499

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Holistic Remedies report - $99

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Money, Purpose & Flow + Holistic Reading - $598

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30 minutes Recording - $150

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90 min Phone/Skype consultation - $240

A 90 minute personal call with me, where you can ask me anything and get detailed answers based on your Birth chart. We go through you natural talents and where you should be focusing your energy to get the most growth, abundance and fulfilment. We will also go though your challenging patterns and the remedies that will turn them to your advantage. Standard price: 349 Dollars.
Introductory offer: 240 Dollars

Natal Chart Report - $49

This is a written report that details your personal blueprint in life. You will see your areas of luck and your challenging patterns. Knowing yourself for who you are and owning your gifts and your limitations gives you a peaceful sense of self acceptance and you can live life on your own terms. Value: 49 dollars.

8th House Remedy Manual - $29

You will receive the pdf manually in your paypal registered email. Allow us 48 hours since this service is sent manually

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