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Hi, how are you? After I watched the video you posted about the '2021 Feng Shui remedies for difficult energies for your home', I wonder if you do personal flying star readings, If you do, how much are they? My partner and I are looking to buy a home, apartment, house.. I wonder if I should wait until we find and buy before I go for the home reading you offer or go for the personal flying star. Also I would like to ask you if you offer online Feng Shui courses. Thank you for your time, best wishes, Mai

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I purchased the yearly home and the yearly wealth readings. Awesome!!! Elizabeth got back to me the the same day and gave me updates to questions the same day. I received videos and written materials and she is sending me an additional video on cures once it uploads. I am SO impressed AND the material is relevant and easy to accomplish. This is worth every penny!!

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Coronavirus had just happened and as a woman owned business owner my business had been dramatically affected from highly profitable to almost zero orders. In the sector where my wealth is I had some trouble! With a few simple design changes I noticed an immediate difference in my business and orders started to increase and it has continued! I know this might sound hard to believe but everything quickly changed for the better!

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It was an absolute pleasure to have a remote Feng Shui reading with Elizabeth! I shared a few, easy to find details about my home and answered a questionnaire before our remote reading. Elizabeth sent me a detailed report before our appointment, then during our appointment we went through each detail as much or as little as I wanted to. She welcomed my questions, was patient, and really explained things so I could understand them in the context of my life in my home.Elizabeth worked with me to figure out what remedies I could easily set up in my home that have balanced out the energy very nicely. I feel my home is a more welcoming space now  

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Most of all, my favorite part of the experience with Elizabeth is how she radiates excitement, wonder, and joy over helping others with Feng Shui. She is genuinely curious about how energy moves, stagnates, and changes in spaces, really listens to her clients, and gives great next steps at each part of the process. I highly recommend working with Elizabeth on your Feng Shui reading!

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After several years of living at our new house, and experiencing health issues with every member of the family, we were referred to Elizabeth to have a Feng Shui reading to see if she could suggest some remedies. Elizabeth was very professional and organized, and did a thorough walk through of our home. After review, she made suggestions on how to remedy some of the issues with the house. She offered different levels of remedies to incorporate into our house. Some of the remedies were temporary while others were more permanent. We were able to easily integrate these remedies into our lives and have benefited from much better health overall for the entire family!

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Elizabeth Astrologer

Feng Shui Master

Our homes make up the fabric of our lives. Everyday, whether we are aware of it or not, we are impacted by our environment.  Using Traditional or “Classical” Feng Shui methods, Elizabeth works with the energy of the space, removing energetic obstacles while simultaneously attracting beneficial ones. 

Elizabeth’s technique incorporates Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry and Astrology to magnetize your home energy to a higher vibration. This isn't just about a house that looks good - it’s about a home that feels good. 

“In the West, the most common Feng Shui School is Black Hat or Western Feng Shui. While these methods use Intentional Feng Shui, they exclude the most powerful ancient teachings commonly practiced in the East. 

Classical Feng Shui uses the actual degrees of your home, the surrounding environment, the occupants' birth dates, astrological cycles to identify and heal the energy in your home.”  

Elizabeth Aley

Elizabeth is a Certified Classical Feng Shui Consultant, she graduated from the International School of Feng Shui.

She trained with the revered Feng Shui Master, Amanda Sophia.

She has a BA in Spanish from the University of Oregon

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

Home reading: $299

A report includes:  Remote Compass Reading Building type, element & remedies  Flying Star energy for year Personal Trigram (Ming Gua) report for each person: best directions, sleep positions, color supports, personal element etc.  Floor plan divided into the energetic sections with remedies listed.  Detailed remedies or enhancements recommended  Depending on your preference: A video report or a live video appointment.  A follow up email answering 3 questions.

Office Space/Business Reading: $299

A report includes:  Remote Compass Reading Building type, element & remedies with emphasis on business goals Flying Star energy for year Personal Trigram (Ming Gua) for owner/s: best directions, color supports, personal element etc.  Floor plan divided into the energetic sections with remedies listed.  Entrance focus of space  Depending on your preference: An hour video report or a live video appointment.  A follow up email answering 3 questions.

Remote Space Clearing $99

An energetic space clearing works by removing the stagnate energy that has accumulated in a space. It is helpful to do a space clearing when your life feels stuck or when you are ready to make a fresh start in some area of your life. This remote space clearing method is unique, it combines powerful healing from modern science & ancient teachings. Tuning Forks are passed over a representation of your space by the Feng Shui Bagua Map with emphasis on Flying Star reading combinations. My intention combined with this activity begins a powerful flow of healing to your space from a remote location.      

Floor Plan + Layout Reading $199

How to set up my office, so I AM in the command position? How to arrange my bedroom to invite in love & harmony? How to design my living room for respectful conversations? Do you have these questions? Are you looking for answers? I am here to help. How energy flows in your space is HUGELY impactful to your life. I review your floor plan and layout to help you harness good energy in your space using Feng Shui. Two levels of your home is included in this review & the impact is profound! There IS power in placement! Floor plan drawing of the space is required for this consultation.  Images of the space are recommended for this consultation.

Feng Shui Flying Star Reading $300

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