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Darren Astrologer

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Hi my name is Darren, Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon, Leo Rising. I have always been drawn to astrology my entire life. Even as a young child I had the ability remember birthdates and guess a persons zodiac sign just based on how on their social behavior but in the back of my mind & in my sub-conscious I’ve always instinctively felt that there was a lot more to astrology than just sun signs, then one day I discovered birth charts and realized that we are not just one sign and that astrology is far more complex and detailed.
Once I discovered this convoluted science my intuition on the signs sky rocketed, my obsession & passion with this subject led me to study and read books on astrology every single day and I’ve study hundreds of charts of family members, friends, celebrities, & people I meet online.
My goal is to really give you a deep understanding of yourself, make you aware of your hidden talents and the confidence to use them  and hopefully to give you something to look forward to in the future. I use several different methods on a chart and analyze it for hours until I come up with the best conclusions. I’ll give you ideas for career choice, relationship advice, family, children, etc.

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30 Minutes Recording with Darren $99.99

Darren makes a recording on 3-4 questions or themes you would like him focus on, from the contact form. Include your birth details. 

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Love Horoscope $80

What to expect in Marriage, what your spouse will be like-career, place of meeting, circumstances, finances etc. 
Contact Darren to leave you details, once you order. 

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Career Horoscope $80

Advice on career choices, hidden talents, karmic destiny. 
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