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PROMO Carien

PROMO Carien Astrologer

Yoga Teacher, Astrologer and Tarot Reader

A worldwide traveler offering light to where it is needed. 

A yoga teacher, InnerDacne facilitator, Astrologer, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Body worker and A light worker

For 12 years Carien worked at the top of her league in the marketing field but the universe decided to set her free in a most destructive way, showing her an alternate version of her in a parallel universe. This proved to be a huge wake-up call for her to start doing something she'd been longing for - sharing her passion for yoga with her journey starting in India. 

Carien travels internationally offering her vast experience and expertise as a yoga teacher, astrologer, tarot reader, body worker and Inner dance facilitator. Known for her integrity, passion for service and innate ability to activate lasting results, throughout her travels, she has been introduced to different spiritual modalities, from a wide range of wisdom traditions including Hinduism, Buddhism and Tantra. That being said, she recognizes that these different paths are all but part of the ultimate truth as one. 

Her focus is on igniting the inner knowing within oneself, and by connecting with the inner light, the wisdom arises. Her aim is to bring balance to the internal feminine and masculine energies, raising the personal vibration to the higher levels, shifting from a "lack" mentality to one of abundance, so abundance attracts abundance, happiness attracts happiness, and love attracts love - truly living in the universal law of mirroring.

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Here are my services

PROMO Parents consultation- Talents and life path/vocation pre-recording - 60mins/ zoom meeting 70-80 mins - WAS $268, NOW IS $202

By understanding your children’s talents and possible career choices, you could  become the great support on their journey of becoming who they truly are. Acknowledging, allowing accepting and  letting go of control, the journey can be healing for parents as well.  

PROMO Birth chart - Your talents, potentials and career path WAS 60mins, $208 / NOW IS 40 mins and $150 pre-recording

AVAILABLE ONLY FOR THE FIRST 50 PEOPLE We all have many talents and potentials! By spotting them and find out possible career choices that are aligned with your highest truth will boost you confidence on this journey, it can also explain why you feel and think certain way. But “talents” don’t come free, it still requires hard work to develop it into fruition!

Birth Chart- journey to the soul, understanding your emotional blockages and happiness, pre-recording 60 mins/zoom meeting 60-70 mins $227

Our brain can only associate things that are on the conscious level, early memories or things buried in the subconscious mind might be difficult to access to, yet, it controls our thought process and behavior patterns, it affects how we are in every external relationship. Astrology is one of the great tools to spot the blockages which we may not be aware of, it’s also a doorway to our subconscious mind, it is the beginning of our healing journey. Healing doesn’t mean we are damaged, it means becoming whole.

Intuitive Tarot reading 60 mins - $189

Seeking clarify in the present moment? A lot of times when we are confused is because we can’t navigate where we are or we don't trust the inner voice. Tarot reading is like a reflection/a mirror of your current energy, once you see where you're at, clarity comes. 

Solar return chart - 60 mins - $222

Horary - answer one question -$88

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