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Hello Bryan Thank you for your time taken to record the video on meditation. First time in my life I decided to follow your instructions as it slowly went from the explanation of where we are heading and then slowly into following the path of meditation. Needless to say, I got very emotional sitting in the Garden of Eden with sweet birds coming to me, twittering. This contact was no coincidence as I was overdue for help. I intend to repeat this over and over again for my general health and peace of mind. This video has been shared on my Facebook to assist others. Thank you Bryan. Warmest regards Brenda Bartels

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Thank you! For past life webinar, I look forward to one day to have a reading with you. Blessings MaryAnn Barr Leo/libra/Pisces

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This was amazing Lada, thank you and Bryan for such an amazing program.  It has helped me understand so much about my own vibratory foundation in such a helpful way.  Please thank you both so much, you are wonderful!

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Bryan is an incredibly gifted astrologer. I've listened to my birth chart recording multiple times and each time I hear something new, actionable and impactful. I'm very grateful to Lada for introducing him on her channel, and to Bryan for sharing his gift with us. Blessings to you both!

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I have been on this long journey of self discovery for quite sometime. I would say since I was a toddler. I had always been “searching” for something and putting the pieces together that were given by signs through intuition. I had always wondered why I had certain things happen to me along with having certain type of feelings that I could not explain. Nor would anyone believe the depth of feels I would feel until I had been guided to delve even further deeper into the mysteries of self. It is quite healing actually. My cousin had led me to Lada in which I had discovered Bryan. I’ve been watching astrologers for sometime now and I can tell who really knows what they are talking about ...

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My past life ‘story’ was nothing short of amazing and touched on the feelings I myself had previously had a sense of! The way you wove together the definitive elements of my natal chart was enlightening and just made sense to me, when I review my life path and behaviour so far. I’m overjoyed to receive your reading because it confirmed to me that I was most definitely on the right track regarding my soul purpose. I prayed that I wouldn’t leave this life without finding out & fulfilling my life purpose and soul mission and I’m secure in the knowledge that I’m actually doing that! Thank you Bryan Jenn.

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The story Bryan told is remarkably similar to a life I saw in a past life regression! I cried while hearing him tell the story because it brought me back to that life. Thank you Bryan for the work that you do, your insight on the “medicine” is so helpful!

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Thank you Bryan for taking the time and doing a reading for me. Your style is wonderful and you really spoke to my soul! I resonated with everything and it made me cry, karmic wounds runs deep for sure! I understand myself better now and I will do my very best to master the north node because I really want to get there so much! I appreciated this reading very much and I will come back.

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Tears were running down my face as I listened to the Astrological "story" of my birth chart that you sent to me. I feel that the past you described was very recent. I see all of the same actions in this life. I am learning the lessons and working on the solutions now. I can not believe how actually you described my life. I am thinking of ordering a reading for a family member as a gift. I will be telling my friends!

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Dear Bryan: I have been a faithful subscriber to Lada’s work for several years and have had two personal readings from her. She’s fantastic. I watch everything from with keen interest. So, please, pass this message on to her staff that I am very impressed with your first video. You’re the best yet, and my impression is that you are knowledgeable, filled with goodwill, and probably—to use a cliche—a very old soul... but that is a great thing for an Evolutionary Astrologer, of course! If you write any sort of newsletter of your own, I would love to subscribe to it. Thanks and congratulations, ~Rosalee

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Bryan Astrologer

Evolutionary Astrologer

In my late twenties I was a professional poker player. It was exciting and lucrative, but it didn’t feed my soul. Then my Saturn return hit, and after a series of events, a special friend of mine inspired me to live differently.

With clarity of mind and a new sense of direction, I started to realize that my unhealthy lifestyle and desire to escape reality was due to emotional pain and suffering. So I focused on learning ways to heal myself. I grew a voracious appetite for reading. Books like The Power of Now, Journey of Souls, and The Untethered Soul kick-started my journey of self discovery, healing, and spiritual maturation. I studied Medical Qigong, Re-connective Healing, Chinese & Christian Mysticism, Jungian Psychology, and Evolutionary Astrology.

So here I am taking the knowledge I’ve gained and turning it outward onto the world. I’m a dedicated apprentice to Steven Forrest, astrologer extraordinaire. I’ve been studying with him intensely for 5 years now.   I look forward to working with this beautiful community!

Bryan’s passion for Astrology started during his quest for knowledge about the universe and his own thirst for a deeper knowing. He believes that Evolutionary Astrology is a powerful way to accelerate the maturation of the soul so that one can find deeper understanding, move beyond fears, and expand consciousness.  


Bryan’s studied various modalities such as Qi Gong, Reconnective Healing, Hypnosis, and Psychology. Bryan’s a certified Steven Forrest Evolutionary Astrologer and he approaches each session with his clients with a sense of ancient wisdom combined with sincere compassion for the human journey.


Please keep in mind that it takes a few days to answer all the emails!

Bryan will get back to you as soon as possible and contact you on your email with all the details about your reading! 



"I’ve listened a number of time. To say the recording was “eerily spot-on” feels like an understatement.   I would “HIGHLY recommend a Bryan Colter, Past-Life Reading”...Fabulously insightful! "

Ann Kenyon


If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

Birth Chart Reading 1 hour - $225

The birth chart, a blueprint of your psyche, describes your deepest inner workings, your strengths, and your challenges. With this introspective work, I will describe opportunities for evolutionary growth and offer suggestions for engaging creatively with your core nature.

Transits and Progressions 1 hour - $225

Using knowledge of your birth chart as context, we look into the current astrological weather to gain insight into how to navigate what you're experiencing now.

Karmic Analysis $99

Where did you come from karmically to get to this place in the evolution of your soul?  With this 20 minute recording, I will tell you your past life story and the karmic lessons therein.  I will also describe the “karmic medicine” so that you may learn these spiritual lessons faster. Leave you details in the contact form and Bryan will send you a recording within a month or shorter depending on how busy he is as he receives 20-30 orders per day

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