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Bobbi Psychic

My name is Bobbi and I am from Montreal Canada. I am an Aries sun sign, Cancer rising and Aquarius moon! Since I was a little child, I always had a 6th sense if you will, always knowing things and sensing energies , I loved clairvoyants and would go for readings during my late teens and early twenties!
They would tell always tell me the same thing.. You are a clear and divine channeler!
I have been giving  readings for years over 30 years now.
 I go into peoples energies and sometimes receive messages from other realms, names or numbers that signify spiritual prescence, and can feel and sense what is going on in mind/ body/ spirit. I also use Tarot and Angel cards to help channel these gifts. People come to me for advice on issues, questions about love, career, life, health, whatever their situation is. I really love what I do and helping people and uplifting them. It gives me great joy. Whatever u need, whatever u want, I am here to help you, advise you, give you love and divine guidance.  
Joy and blessings, Bobbi

Here are my services

10 Minutes Reading with Bobbi: $25

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20 minute reading $55

Please keep in mind that due to high volume of clients, Bobbi can't be with everyone at once, so she will get to you within 2-3 days!!! 

45 minutes with Bobbie $80

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30 minutes with Bobbi $65

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