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Just wanted to say I adore you and your work Amy! You should be so proud of what you have achieved so far! Much Love! Jo x

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Amy is AMAZING! I loved her beautiful love reading. She's full of positive energy and VERY helpful!!! A true light worker :) Don't hesitate to have a reading with her!

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Your webinar (a while back) was great! I wasn;t able to make it in person but I wanted to let you know that you did a wonderful job. Even if I wasn;t the in person, the things you picked up on also applied to me.

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Thank you, Amy! Your reading was spot on. Intuitively, I knew you were going to be the right reader for me and when you pulled my cards they were confirmation of what I should be focusing on. Gratitude :)

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I follow you on amys angel guidence on facebook and then see you here . ALWAYS fab accurate readings xxx

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She knows things. Did not think I could say that after 1 reading but she hit some solid points.

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I have had 2 readings now and both have been spot on! It;s also things she couldn;t have guessed that she picked up on!   

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Absolutely what I needed to hear and so accurate too. This girl is amazing! The amount of positivity you bring to others is astounding. I;d never had a reading before this one and it reassured me and kicked my head back into a good space. I;m enjoying everything now with a new confidence.

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I;ve had a reading today and I must say it;s so accurate on what;s happened in the past bout me being hurt and being scared to move on and what the present and future holds. I highly recommend a reading by Amy.

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Had my first reading today. It was incredibly insightful and really made sense with regards to the things happening in my life. I was amazed actually how accurate it was! A really good experience and one I will certainly repeat in the future!

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My reading was really accurate to what has been going on recently in my life well worth having it done and has given me the guidance I need and who to ask for help up there if I;m struggling! Cheers!

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Amy saw all the different relationships I had going on at the same time, and how they were each affecting me differently. I do not know how she knew it but she did. Accurate and soft, a very beautiful reading FULL of angelic guidance!  

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Amy Psychic

I am a Psychic Medium who wants to help you! Whether this be with messages from loved ones, Finding out your life's purpose.. or when love is coming.. I can help you.
So, How did I get here? As a person who for years had battled against everything I thought I knew, I asked myself ... 'What is my life's purpose?'
A few weeks later, I had a dream, A spiritual entity l told me to go and buy Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue,
start a youtube channel and read cards! Of course I didn't do it! But for weeks I had the same reoccurring dream. If I buy these cards & do as they ask, I wonder how I would feel. Well? It led to this. I found my Life's purpose. I completed my Doreen Virtue course and became certified. I then started to see spiritual entities on a more regular basis and thus, my abilities were born.
I have gone on to do my certifications in Realm & Aura reading, Distance healing, CBT Therapy, Counselling, Life coaching, Mindfulness & meditation... All to help - YOU. I love what I do & we certainly crossed paths for a reason today.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

Written Answer to one Question with Amy $35

You can send Amy a question via her contact form on this page and she will answer you with a written email.

15 minutes with Amy $45

You can call Amy directly through the skype button on her profile page, if she is online, or send her an email through the contact from on this page to schedule. 

30 minutes with Amy $85

60 minutes with Amy $160

or just say hi

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