What to Do with Bad Aspects. Remedies.

with Nikola Stoijanovic

What to Do with Bad Aspects. Remedies.

Nikola Stojanovic is back with another amazing webinar! 

We all get a sense of doom and gloom when we discover difficult astrological configurations in our horoscopes. Saturn square Venus- Oh no, I will never have a happy relationship! Mars opposite Moon--I will always fight with my family, Uranus Square Sun--I will always have ups and downs in my career, I have Mars in the 3rd house--I will get into a car accident, etc and etc. 
No need to feel helpless and doomed! Knowing the difficult aspects in one's horoscope is the first step towards avoiding or remedying this. 
Nikola will explain with theory and multiple examples how you can overcome these aspects and even turn them to your benefit! 
In order to understand the information in this webinar you need to know your basic astrology: Aspects, planets, signs and houses. 


Bad Aspect Remedies - $39.99

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