Retreats in Bali, January-February 2020

Three seminars with Natalia

VIP Seminar Geisha in Bali

(Happy Woman) Live workshop

with Natalia


PRICE: till 1st DECEMBER $1500 USD then $1700


DATE: 31Jan - 2Feb 2020

PLACE: Bali, Indonesia



$350 Deposit and the rest of the payment on the day of the event

Please provide your phone number to Natalia’s admin:, +60123252796 Jess as soon as you book!




The price includes

- 3 days seminar from 10.00 to 18.00

--a twin room in a 5 star hotel



!!!WE REFUND ONLY TILL 1st September!!! 


Learn what is the secret of the happy women, how to love unconditionally and be loved. How to love with ease and harmony with your feelings.

What does femininity mean? Femininity is something which comes from within, it is the manifestation of yin energy.

We live in a masculine world where women are forced to be strong, to fight to achieve their goals and to have career success. This is one of the reasons we can loose the connection with our femininity. This way we also loose our ability to feel alive and happy.

The Good NEWS is that women can receive everything she needs and wants without having to fight! Just by using her feminine energy.

The true woman is happy, she radiates joy and light. She balances the desire to give and receive. Men feel energized and more successful around her, they want to show their masculine qualities when with her: to protect, to succeed, to give.

The main requirement for you to become a true woman is to learn to love unconditionally and to be loved, to live in harmony with your feelings. This can be achieved only by a woman who has released her fears and complexes. The True Women believes she deserves the best things in life, she asks freely for these and receives. The most important thing is that everything in her life happens with EASE!

The secret of the True woman is in her special inner state of beauty, dignity and femininity. The True woman has the amazing ability to be very gentle and caring towards herself and towards others, to understand, love and accept herself and her partner. She possesses inner discipline and treats her feelings and desires with respect. All of this allows her to be happy. We will discover the secret which will make a desired and happy woman.


What you will learn in this 3 day workshop:

What is feminine energy and how it interacts with the male

How feminine energy gets depleted and how to generate more of it

How to discover the true woman within

The balance between female and male energy

How to figure out what energy is dominant in you and how to control it

Techniques to remove fears and complexes,

How to transform your limiting believes

Jung’s archetypes or how to manifest your feminine energy

The 4 female archetypes and levels of mastery (emotional, sexual, financial and social)

How to fulfil the main emotional, physical, intellectual, sexual needs of the man

How to attract and keep a man

How to receive presents and invitations for relationships / marriage

How to learn to love and accept yourself

Tibetan technique for attracting miracles in your life

Technique how to keep your partner loyal

Positive affirmations for raising of feminine energy

How to become a Goddess for your loved man and receive male adoration

Techniques on how to communicate with your partner in such a way as to always get what you want

The art of the sensual massage. (one of the secrets of the Geishas is giving a massage which csn turn the tired man into a world tiger)

The Tibetan technique for grounding through massage.

This training uses modern western psychology practices and ancient daoist female exercises.






Thanks to Natalia I have received a lots of benefits. I have visited many of her seminars and watched almost all of her webinars and I realized my biggest issue. It was hard. I have cried a lot. But she was all the time with me. She never let go of my hand. I appreciate that!

After visiting Geisha’s seminar at the end of the day (I have not known how exactly, it was some kind of miracle) I had the ability to have a child. Now I have 1 years old beast who makes me feel a full-fledged woman.

Natalia changed my mind at all. She makes me a better person, a better wife and of course a better daughter.

She gave me the right education about the life, the relationships and the money. She enhanced the quality of my life many times.

Natalia, thank you so much for being such a great part of my life!!!

If you have any questions for the logistics feel free to contact us at


Seminar in Bali, Indonesia 

3 Day Retreat for Goddesses with Natalia 



WAS 3999$ after 1st Dec the price becomes $1900


DATE: 3rd, 4th, 5th February 2020

PLACE: Bali, Indonesia





$300 Deposit and the rest of the payment on the day of the event





A Very EXCLUSIVE VIP RETREAT 3 Day Goddess Retreat  LIMITED number Only! Your life will never be the same after... Intense workshop focused on developing your FEMININITY so you can start receiving everything in life with EASE! Natalia will work individually with each of you using modern scientific and psychological techniques and ancient occult knowledge. We will be working 10 HOURS per day! There will be tears and laughter, screaming and hugs.... It is TRULY INTENSE but meant to CHANGE your LIFE and POWER of ATTRACTION! It is a very intense Retreat for fast and DRAMATIC results. Reprogramming, NLP, releasing harmful believes, , identifying your personal blockage and removing them, building feminine power....


20 to 30 Goddesses in the making, max!

The price does not include plane tickets!!! 



A woman can become a princess, a love priestess, a muse. A woman who inspires men to change history, a Goddess….

What stops you from becoming this woman?

How to open and grow your feminine power and use to manifest what you want. 

How to clean the traumas from our childhood so we can become truly happy women, Goddesses

For the first time science, psychology and astrology meet to create an alchemical INITIATION into FEMININITY. 


We will work with the body, mind, soul and the ego! 

This is an invitation to look deep within and create a deep bond with your inner self, with your ancestors, with the wisdom of your body and your soul. 
We often have to struggle and problems in life and we might feel like we are in a trap, like we have no choice to change anything. This way we drift further and further away from our TRUE SELF, from our connection to JOY and HAPPINESS. A woman can only be truly happy when she is in touch with her feminine energy. 


Natalia will use powerful and fast acting techniques from
Family constellations
Deep relaxation
Energy practices for women 
Tantric exercises 
Dynamic meditation 
Merging with the elements 

The 4 archetypes and how to develop them: The Girl, the Lover, the Queen, the Housewife

She will work closely with everyone and read your energy field for blockages. 

Your life will change in 4 days. You will recognize your survival strategies and reprogram your mind with heathier such, which will help you transform the situations which you feel stuck in and return to your natural state of Joy and Flow. 


If you have any questions for the logistics feel free to contact us at


VIP Seminar Geisha + 3 Day Retreat for Goddesses



DEPOSIT: $600 



Bali: The art of being together
(Seminar for men and women)


When 8-9th February 2020

In Bali, Indonesia 

Price 999 dollars till 10th November ONLY after that $1300

(seminar 5-star hotel Hilton with breakfast included in the price)

Deposit 300 dollars


For Couples price 1600 dollars

For people from Goddess-seminar and Geisha price 600 dollars (deposit 200


Host Natalia Kobilkina and Takis Dretakis

Bonus! Mandala dancing webinar with Albena!

For questions 



The transforming seminar with Natalia and Takis about relations,
appropriate for couples as well as for individual participation.


The relations in the couple are maybe one of the most complex issues to solve. I often see how people make babies growing up in scandals and observing the example their unhappy parents set. I don’t believe that splitting up is a better option because for children it is important their parents to live together and be happy. This is really an art.


This is a course for available people and couples as well!
- for couple who don’t get along but love each other and want to be
- for people who are thinking about divorce and want to find a solution to
be happy together
- for people who don’t manage to build relationships and constantly fail
without realizing the reasons for this
- for people feeling lonely, misunderstood and unappreciated in the
- for people who want to learn to build happy relations and give their
children happy presence and future

What will we work on?
1. Roles, needs, positions, functions, balance of giving and receiving – men and women’s needs in the relationship – what do men and
women want – why do I want a relationship – what are my needs (not my mother’s and my father’s needs) – what do I give and
receive in the relationship with my partner.
2. 2 Work with the shadow or how to get out of the problematic area. Often in the relationships we enter in our shadows (problematic
area) and here either we or the partner enter in the role of the victim, villain, savior, looser etc. If our partner has those issues probably we are in the shadows and we will work on getting out of the shadow and improving our relations.
3. 3. Archetypes in the relationship – fantastic knowledge with deep
roots in the past allowing us to see why our partner is different than us.


What else?
Conflicts and compromises. How to enter and get out of them. Main strategies of acting in case of conflicts. How to stand up for ourselves without hurting the partner.

5. Emotional intelligence in the relations. How to deal with anger, how to show our feelings. How to learn to be real
close without hurting the other person. Closeness and distance. How not to lose ourselves in the relationship.

6. How to develop together – what are the tools for mutual development? How to support our partner and
succeed together?

7. Successful communication in the relations. Techniques for open and real communication. Lies and truth in the
relationship. How to build a working communication system.





About Nusa Dua, Bali

Nusa Dua is the upscale district of Bali and most of the luxury beachfront resorts are located here. It is a world away from much of the rest of Bali. Alongside the world-class resorts, you’ll find an upmarket shopping complex and a luxurious 18-hole golf course. You can enjoy a beautiful stretch of white-golden sandy beaches and many other nearby highlights. Nusa Dua’s beaches are among Bali's cleanest, and less crowded than others.


Flights to Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar DPS

Athens to Bali -

Emirates, 14h 55m with 1stop

Qatar, 16h 59m with 1 stop

Turkish Airlines, 15h 55m, with 1 stop



Transportation - from The Grand Bali Nusa Dua Hotel to:

Ngurah Rai International Airport  12.8 KM ( ETA : 20 Mins )

Kuta 13 KM ( ETA : 23 Mins )

Sanur 20.6 KM ( ETA : 36 Mins )

Denpasar 21.2 KM ( ETA : 40 Mins )

Tanah Lot 34.4 KM ( ETA : 80 Mins )

Ubud 41.8 KM ( ETA : 90 Mins )






Sunbathe at Private Beach Club

Just 5 minutes away by private shuttle, the wide ribbon of white sand and gentle waves at The Grand Bali Nusa Dua Private Beach Club offers endless opportunities for seaside enjoyment. Drinks and snacks are also available at the beach club bar. Our shuttle is complimentary and provided at your convenience.







Uniquely you can ride a camel along these quiet coasts!

Camels may not be the first thing that spring to mind when you think of Bali but that is exactly what you will find if you come to Bali Camel Safaris in Nusa Dua.



Watch Water Blow

Water Blow is one of the best natural sights.The hole is the result of a tight rock formation and sits on Nusa Dua Beach, and as the name suggests this is a massive blow hole where you can watch water erupt from the sea into the sky.




Walk to Pura Gegar

Pura Gegar is one of the most famous attractions in Nusa Dua and lies to the south of the iconic Gegar Beach.

To get to this temple you will need to follow a path up a bluff from the beach and once there you will find a pretty Balinese temple surrounded by twisted tree trunks overlooking the sea.




Enjoy a Spa Session

Nusa Dua is famous for its spas and all the luxury resorts have their own in-house services.

You can choose from an arrays of traditional treatments such as Balinese cream baths, hot stone massages, and Balinese mandi lulur which is a mix of a massage and a body scrub.


There are also a range of independent spas on the roads leading out of Nusa Dua and these are often much cheaper than the resorts, so if you want to get the best deal then it is a good idea to explore and ask about the range of treatments at other places.




Visit Pasifika Museum

The museum is located close to Bali Collection and features the work of a number of European artists who moved to Bali and then made art on the island.

There are galleries dedicated to local painters and you will also find an Indochinese gallery as well as a Polynesian exhibit.  You will even find pieces from great artist such as Paul Gauguin, Rudolf Bonnet, and Emilio Ambron, and if you are an art lover then you definitely shouldn’t give this spot a miss.




Visit Puja Mandala

Puja Mandala, means “Hill if Worship’. Ths hill is a symbol of tolerance and religious equality in Indonesia. Atop this pretty promontory you will find a Buddhist temple, a traditional Hindu temple,  a Catholic Church, as well as an Islamic mosque.





VIP Seminar Geisha in BALI , January-February, DEPOSIT 350$

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3 Day Retreat for Goddesses with Natalia, DEPOSIT 300$

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VIP Seminar Geisha + 3DAY Goddess RETREAT $600 DEPOSIT

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Bali: The art of being together $300 DEPOSIT

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Bali: The art of being together $200 DEPOSIT ONLY FOR people from Goddess-seminar and Geisha

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