VIP Seminar Geisha (Happy Woman)

Happy Woman live workshop with Natalia 

VIP Seminar Geisha
(Happy Woman)

Live workshop with Natalia


PRICE:$1300 till June 15th, $1500 after


The June 2019 group is full! But we have places for the July group! 


The July 2019 Group is almost full too. 

DATE: 26th, 27th, 28th of July

PLACE: Athens, Greece



DATE: 13th, 14th, 15th of September 

PLACE:Athens, Greece




$300 Deposit and the rest of the payment on the day of the event

Please provide your phone number to Natalia’s admin:, as soon as you book! 

The price includes 
--a double room in a 5 star hotel
--breakfast and dinner


Learn what is the secret of the happy women, how to love unconditionally and be loved. How to love with ease and harmony with your feelings

What does femininity mean? Femininity is something which comes from within, it is the manifestation of yin energy. 
We live in a masculine world where women are forced to be strong, to fight to achieve their goals and to have career success. This is one of the reasons we can loose the connection with our femininity. This way we also loose our ability to feel alive and happy. 

The Good NEWS is that women can receive everything she needs and wants without having to fight! Just by using her feminine energy. 

The true woman is happy, she radiates joy and light. She balances the desire to give and receive. Men feel energized and more successful around her, they want to show their masculine qualities when with her: to protect, to succeed, to give. 

The main requirement for you to become a true woman is to learn to love unconditionally and to be loved, to live in harmony with your feelings. This can be achieved only by a woman who has released her fears and complexes. The True Women believes she deserves the best things in life, she asks freely for these and receives. The most important thing is that everything in her life happens with EASE! 

The secret of the True woman is in her special inner state of beauty, dignity and femininity. The True woman has the amazing ability to be very gentle and caring towards herself and towards others, to understand, love and accept herself and her partner. She possesses inner discipline and treats her feelings and desires with respect. All of this allows her to be happy. We will discover the secret which will make a desired and happy woman. 


What you will learn in this 2 day workshop:

What is feminine energy and how it interacts with the male
How feminine energy gets depleted and how to generate more of it
How to discover the true woman within
The balance between female and male energy
How to figure out what energy is dominant in you and how to control it
Techniques to remove fears and complexes, 
How to transform your limiting believes
Jung’s archetypes or how to manifest your feminine energy
The 4 female archetypes and levels of mastery (emotional, sexual, financial and social)
How to fulfil the main emotional, physical, intellectual, sexual needs of the man
How to attract and keep a man
How to receive presents and invitations for relationships / marriage
How to learn to love and accept yourself 
Tibetan technique for attracting miracles in your life
Technique how to keep your partner loyal
Positive affirmations for raising of feminine energy
How to become a Goddess for your loved man and receive male adoration
Techniques on how to communicate with your partner in such a way as to always get what you want
The art of the sensual massage. (one of the secrets of the Geishas is giving a massage which csn turn the tired man into a world tiger) 
The Tibetan technique for grounding through massage. 

This training uses modern western psychology practices and ancient daoist female exercises. 



Thanks to Natalia I have received a lots of benefits. I have visited many of her seminars and watched almost all of her webinars and I realized my biggest issue. It was hard. I have cried a lot. But she was all the time with me. She never let go of my hand. I appreciate that!
After visiting Geisha’s seminar at the end of the day (I have not known how exactly, it was some kind of miracle) I had the ability to have a child. Now I have 1 years old beast who makes me feel a full-fledged woman. 
Natalia changed my mind at all. She makes me a better person, a better wife and of course a better daughter. 
She gave me the right education about the life, the relationships and the money. She enhanced the quality of my life many times. 
Natalia, thank you so much for being such a great part of my life!!!

VIP Seminar Geisha (Happy Woman), this July, in ATHENS, DEPOSIT 300$

If you have any questions for the seminar feel free to contact us at