Viber Wishes Marathon + BONUS WEBINAR

with Natalia 

Viber Wishes Marathon


Do you want your wishes to become true?

Do you want to start new things in your life? Do you want to allow yourself the courage to change your reality?

Then enroll quickly! The first week is free!





(PRICE $99) 



What awaits you:

Clear writing down of all your wishes.

Deleting of obsolete and non-working parental models.

Compiling a plan of wishes and practices on how to become true.

Understanding why things don’t happen and how my subconscious blocks the flow.

Expanding the financial flow.

Work with fears and reviewing brave dreams.

You will allow yourself to dream and you will see everything is possible.

Besides, you will undergo interesting exercises, meditations, practices.


In this format you work individually and with a group using Viber.


The convenience is that this happens through the phone and you can listen my recording in the car, while waiting someplace or while working. My voice will follow you and you feel we are only a phone away.


Two-three times a week you will receice audio or video recording with exercises which you will do until the next recording.


All you need is a smartphone and a headset and Viber!


Are you ready to jump in your new quantum reality?

Do you want to break your fears and restrictions?

Do you want to reach new goals and wishes?

Are you ready to be more aware of all which happens in your head?

Join and let your wishes become reality!


IMPORTANT! You are not entitled to joint after the marathon’s start on 7th of September.


We don’t bear responsibility to resend information or videos you have missed.


Your first week is free:



Link for the FREE first week:


Basic package: 99 EUR includes 

  • 2 groups in Viber (group with videos and group with homework and comments)
  • Opportunity to meet people from all over the world
  • Comments by Natalia of your homework



Start on 1st of September 2019 – end 1st of October


Host: Natalia Kobilkina


VIP package 199 EUR

Includes Basic package + Webinar with Natalia Abundance and how to make your wishes come true costing 200 dollars

-practice Mandala and practice Uterus cleansing for 260 dollars





''First of all Natalia My dear you are awesome ! You are a magician ... i listen you so much i love to be part of your all marathon ! Truly i learned so manh wonderful beautiful very important very precious messages from your talk ! 

I started change from within ! 

With change in my attitude i become more humble woman and more thanksful person in life! 

I wish i cn meet you personally one day and give you tight hug  i can feel already the vibration ! I see it!

Love you in tones !!! 

I feel blessed to have you and Lada the powerhouse ladies in my life ! You both are angles for me !!! Who can change so many ladie’s lives ... 

love you  i wish and pray God fulfilled your all misson and your dreams ! 

Please keep post good videoes so i can make difference in life ! All and every one can make difference in their lives !!! ''



''Natalia, I really enjoyed reading big magic because it teaches us to live happily no matter what, to not become a slave of anything, but to enjoy the process. I was wondering if you could recommend other light hearted books that talk about living a happy and light hearted life? Thank you my love for everything ''



" Thank you Natalia- my wishes has not yet come true but Im on the way. You are an Angel on my path of my development-I feel always thrilled and excited taking part in marathons and seminars. Btw I do prefer Telegram - gives somehow more chances to feel energy of the group. Hope to meet you personally in 2020 thats one of my dream too.. looking forward to learning from you. You are amazing woman "


'' Dear Natalia, thank you for sharing so much good energy with us, for teaching us to value ourselves and the life, for helping us to remember that we are here, on Earth, to enjoy our journey and not to be punished. We are all part of the Divinity and we can achieve everything, but we need to find and know ourselves. This is what I learned from the time spent in your community. I can also say that I entered in this marathon with a lot of doubts, fears and an incertain future, because I didn’t know what to choose and in only three weeks, my life changed 180 degrees, with everything in the right place. I admire and I am so grateful to you. I really, really wish to meet you in person. Be blessed. ''


'' I am also very thankful for this Marathon, it was like a gift from the Universe because I needed to work with your methods. I haven't finished yet all the exercises, but everytime I do I feel my energy changing and being higher. Thank you Natalia, you are a wonderful person and a great therapist. I am looking forward to participate in your seminars. Thank you from the heart. ''


''I just released my balloon with 10 wishes!
Thank you so much!
One of my 100 wishes came true (before narrowly it down). it was “ I wish to eat dinner in New Y ork in a nice restaurant with someone I love”, and in a miraculous turn of events my parents got me the ticket, my friends hosted me in Brooklyn and Manhattan and I had an amazing time! (I haven’t visited New York in 10 years) I went to amazing restaurants and enjoyed the culture and beauty of the city.
Now I’m back in San Diego working on my 10 wishes ''


'' Natalia, I follow you and listen a lot to your videos
Thank you and may we all remember our wishes and never lose faith, and that the universe will help our wishes come true! amen '' 


''I loved this marathon so so much , I loved working with beliefs and making actions towards my wishes. I also realized that the best wishes can be childish and dreamy, and that the main thing is that they are exciting!!! '' 

Basic Package $111

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VIP Package 223$

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