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Teacher training Academy


Welcome to Happy Woman Academy.

We founded our academy in 2011 and for these years the center gained global development! Hundreds of people pass through us every day.

We have seminars in 15 countries: Austria, Greece, Germany, America, London, Bulgaria, Bali, Thailand, etc.


We see how this system is proved and works, making people happy and successful.

Our goal is to make more and more people transform their lives through this system to be happy, sexual, successful and harmonious.

Because for years there are more and more people willing to go through training in our center, but we physically cannot serve them, we are looking for new coaches who could be representatives of their countries and be part of our team.


For that purpose we will elect 30 people who we will teach. The best ones will be given a job at our Academy.


We will be happy to teach you the profession of a Trainer, leader of Group with seminar. Keep in mind that to be successful in this vocation first you need personal qualities (kindness, intelligence, intuition, sense of humor, charisma) and special talent to love yourself and love people. And when you have these qualities you can learn this coaching profession.



Without passing those trainings we don’t allow applying for Teacher Training Academy because at those trainings we work on personal development of our problems and blockages and you should understand and apply techniques of our school in your real life.


We will not take in our academy people who smoke and drink alcohol more than once a week.

To be a personal development `Teacher is a huge responsibility and you shall be an example of others and they should be willing to follow you.

This is why you should be harmonious, beautiful personality physically and mentally. You should love your parents, your partner and yourself.

Because if you have inner problems, all of this will be on your way to be neutral and you cannot help others.

Prior to applying for this training, think how ready you are to SERVE others, to be loving and accepting not only at the training, but in real life.

If you can be an example for your future students!





Questionnaire for participating in Teaching course




 * Compulsory questions

What is your name? *

Name, fathers name, surname


Date of birth *


E-mail *


Telephone *


Address and where you live *


Personal status and children *

Do you have a husband, if you are divorced, when did you divorce and why, do you have children and do you plan to have in near future.

Where and what do you work at the moment, what is your position


Higher education*

Where and what have you studied, years of education, major, diploma thesis topic


Experience in individual conduction of seminars in group and individual program (if any) and experience in public events or coaching *


What trainings did you undergo at our academy*


What trainings did you undergo in other academies, besides ours? *


Specialization desired – what topics would you like to coach *


       do you want to specialize in:

  • women programs
  • sexology programs
  • programs of success and abundance in quantum psychology
  • something new that you would find interesting and you think is your strength
  • parenthood


Why do you want to be coaches and why our academy exactly? What is the purpose of your training? *


Why do you think this course is for you*


Questions? *


In order to receive a diploma by our center you should mandatorily pass all modules and webinars, assisting and conducting free training seminars. In some cases mandatory will be personal therapy also.


Doing homework and writing reports every week.


The training is intensive and will be 6 months, it is a real engagement!  


This course most of all is work on the coach’s personality and then development of professional habits and skills.



Basic principles of work with coach. Structure of training. How to write programs.

Main habits of the coach, peculiarities of the coach working with the women group

Professional qualities of a coach

Training work principles

Specifics of conducting the training. How to write a program and prepare for training

How to determine how much time do exercises take and how to accurately structure the training

How to manage the group dynamics and peculiarities when working with a group

Exercises to start with, how to combine practices and theory

Basic neuro linguistic programming techniques helping to work with a group

How to assure safety in the group and why is this important

How to build trust in the group and quickly include participants in the process

The power of sense of humor

Feedback rules, rules and rituals in the training process

How to work in pairs with the other coach, teamwork

Fundamental mistakes of the beginner coach


Homework: after the first module mandatorily every participant shall write a program of the training and made two groups of at least 10-15 people (without this homework passing to the second module is not allowed)

Host: Natalia Kobylkina



Coach’s personality and building charisma, coach vision and developing personal myth 

• How to build our charisma

• My strengths and what I can teach personally

• How can I manage and influence a group through my energy

• Motivation of a coach 

• Neutrality and energy centering

• The personal strength of the coach

• Work with fears - fear of public events, fear of not meeting customer expectations, supremacy fight, fear of assessing others, etc.

• Dynamics of the coach's personal development

• Competition with group participants and other coaches

• Working with problem areas and limiting coach heroes

• How to take care of yourself after training to avoid professional burnout

• Techniques to clear energy and how to preserve ourselves after working with clients

• Intuition of the coach, energy ways of impacting a group

• Coach boundaries

• What is the responsibility of a coach and what the players are responsible for?

• Creating a personal myth

Host Natalia Kobylkina




Tools and techniques of the coach, therapy

Cycles the group passes through

• Fundamentals of family constellations and ways of working with mothers and fathers

• Basic techniques for working with women groups, with sexology and abundance trainings

• Techniques and tools for working with clients

• Working with conflicts and resistance of participants

• What to do if a client says: I cannot, I don’t want to!

• How to get and maintain the attention

• How to manage a group in crisis. How to raise energy level in a group

• How to determine where the client's problem area is and what techniques I need to use with him/her

• Coach’s tools

• Non-verbal communication, marking

• Working with questions


The date of ACADEMY FOR TRAINER 2nd December start in 10.00 a.m and finish 8th of December 18.00


You arrive on the 1st of December

Discount price from 4411$ - 3308$ 

In the price inc. Accommodation in 5-star hotel in Athens, breakfast and dinner
Group in Facebook with the homework
Academy conspectus
Participation as assistant in events within those months


And Gift - Academy of TRAINER ONLINE ON THE PRICE 1102$ !





Pay the deposit here and then contact Natalia for the rest of the payment. natalia@natalia.bg


Teacher training Academy Price for Deposit: $557

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