Tantra for woman VIP group

Seminar up to 20 people in Athens 

Tantra for woman – VIP group of up to 20 people

Host Igor Nezovibatko /from Russia with translation in English/

This is a unique seminar developed for women who are ready to become orgasmic, wonderful lovers and tantra-goddesses!


/Appropriate for available women and women in a relationship/


"After learning tantra practices years ago, sex became a real pleasure for me. When you know you are good in bed, you have a fantastic feminine self-esteem.

Such women attract men they like very easily and can orgasm dozens of times within a single sexual act. They also know how to make a fellatio that a man can remember all his life. The woman who has mastered the tantra knows how to arouse the man again after his first orgasm and how to help him have long-lasting sex. Such women are always sought after and adored.

My teacher was Igor Nezovibatko.” Natalia Kobilkina



 “Tantra for women” training has 70% energy tantra practices adjusted by Igor to our feminine energy. You are working with energy blockages, release and acceptance of your body.


Igor teaches from the male point of view. He describes in details:

How to unloose your mind and come easily every time?

How to unlock your body and turn into an orgasmic woman

Secrets and mistakes in fellatio

How to make the man want to see you after sec and to turn into the best lover? 


Igor will guide you through the tantra practices power to find out:

G spot – where is it, massaging the G sport and how to reach female ejaculation

Learning to move your sexual energy through your body and feel it alive?

How to realize male fantasies and be the only one for him.


The course is suitable for women who:

- have hard time relaxing and reaching orgasm (besides clitoris one);

- who are not sought after sex. If after sex the man disappears this means you couldn’t relax and he senses this and escapes.

- who don’t have experience and want to know how to become good in bed without having too many intimate partners;

- who want to diversify their sexual life and impress their loved one;

- who after birth forgot their sexuality and want to awaken it at a higher level;

- who love to learn and experience new sex-related things.


Become a real sex goddess! With sex we control and hold men forever.


When 18th October from 7pm and ends on 20th October in 5pm 

Host Igor Nezovibatko with translation from Russian into English

Venue Athens


Promotional Price from 1300 dollars until 1.10. after 1500 dollars




For 2 tickets price 2500 dollars until 1.10 (includes 5-star hotel Life Galleria accommodation in a double room in Athens, breakfast and dinner, seminar with Igor)


Opinions of people having undergone Igor’s courses:

My life was drastically changed after this course. I want more women to find their sexuality this new way!“ – Natalia Kobilkina

Tantra is not only physical, the truth is in our consciousness where this windows opens up. Igor’s seminar influenced me and indirectly all my close ones. – B. V.

Very beautiful, strong and magical experience and a lot of tears.“ D. N.

Препоръчвам от сърце! I am amazed by the training in Tantra that Igor Nezovibatko conducted in Golden Sands. Easily and very understandably he managed to awaken in me acceptance and unconditional love towards every human being. During the training the feeling in me was powerful, real and mind-blowing. I know that I will never be the same after meeting this great and inspiring teacher Igor.“ Desi

Igor’s seminar is exceptionally helpful and I think everyone should experience it. After it I will for sure experience sex much intensively. The way Igor depicts “sex” as a sensual, beautiful, slow and wholesome experience including every one of the senses, as contrast of mass “rushing” for quick culmination is an intelligent and tolerant approach towards the current restrictions and blockages of participants which are slowly and elegantly overcome. Igor teaches us to focus on the quality of the experience and not on the end result, which by the way has a guaranteed amazing finish of a wholesome sensual experience… if we focus on the quality and extending the experience. В.К



Tantra for woman ticket DEPOSIT $300

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Tantra for woman 2 tickets DEPOSIT $500

Contact us for questions at: astroladauk@gmail.com   Registry at session@natalia.bg (Natalia's team)  +35993220801 Sofia

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