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NEW You and me - a new level of relationship

DATE LIVE: 28th and 29th October 2020 4 PM to 6 PM EEST
Host: Natalia Kobylkina

Relationships between men and women are at the heart of everything alive, because the first thing we see after birth is how mom and dad show love for one another.

Often in relationships we are like little children who just want to receive or give from the position - child - mother.

Only when we reach this level of maturity - to give our partner, because we have love in excess, and not to stand like a small child, constantly begging for love, only then can we have a real relationship on a new level!

Why taking this seminar is so important? 

Because 99% of all conflicts with the opposite sex are related to the fact that we do not accept the inner man or inner woman in us and if we learn to accept them, we will begin to create trusting, harmonious and healthy relationships.

Also, 99% of people continue to persistently look for their ideal father or mother in the partner. And I often want to say: wake up! It's time for you to grow up!

What will I learn here? 
•    How to love, appreciate and respect yourself without compromising your relationship?
•    How to get out of an interdependent relationship and stop demanding?
•    Start hearing and accepting your loved one.
•    You will learn how to get out of conflicts properly and stop creating them.
•    Maintain the relationship for years to come and learn how to maintain a spark of interest and passion for each other.
•    You will reach a new level of relationships in terms of happiness, love and trust.
•    How to create a harmonious relationship?

We will work in 3 areas: 
•    Energy practices. We will properly distribute the energy and balance in the family at the level of children, personal relationships, parents.
•    Constellations for relationships. We will create new patterns of behavior, we will remove limiting beliefs.
•    Body work - working with the body in relationships.

Important! Please bring a happy photo of yourself as well as a photo of your current or latest partner in life. 

Package price: from $199 to $99 for two evenings

- 50%

You and me - a new level of relationship

$199 $99.5

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from: 2020-08-20 till: 2020-10-29

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