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„Uterus Cleansing”

Host: Albena Milcheva


“Uterus Cleansing” is a dynamic meditation, light mode of dynamic meditation “Orgasm Reflection” of the Austrian psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich.


The mediation is practice for balancing the energy of first and second chakra which are basic chakras, basic vital energies. Stagnation or blockage there leads not only to women’s diseases but loss of taste of life, female attractiveness and sexuality.


  • If you feel still, without will to do anything
  • If you don’t feel sexual appetite or you don’t feel sexual pleasure
  • If you achieve your goals difficulty or you don’t finish them
  • If men avoid you or don’t want you
  • If you want to enhance sexual sensations


Then this is for you! Practice is a great way to release suppressed emotions, cleansing the feelings from traumatic past experience, release of blockages in the sexual environment and self-performance, increase of sensibility and orgasm.


If you tent to hide in yourself, to suppress the “dark” and vicious part of you, this practice will be very useful for you.

Doing the physical exercises with full inner concentration will perform internal massage of your genitalia and awakening of your vital energy.


Upon regular practice you will:

  • Live in the energy of satisfaction and pleasure
  • Unlock your artistic energy
  • Cleanse the body from blockages and energy flow will become free
  • Become sensitive and orgasmic; confident and seductive
  • It is possible that you improve the health of your uterus
  • You will regulate your period


Women, practicing regularly the female energy practices rejuvenate or slow down the aging process because they maintain their uterus in a good energy and healthy condition.


!!!!Practice is made on an empty stomach or at least 2 hours after eating, 30 minutes before commencing no water!



–in a post-operative period of 2 years, pregnant women and women with ill joints, psychic disorders, oncological illnesses


What do you need for the practice:

  • comfortable clothes (sports, leggings – not too tight on the body and stomach)
  • scarf or a blanket
  • eye patch or a scarf to blind the eyes
  • yoga mat
  • no makeup and perfumes;
  • put some water nearby for after the practice



Price: 39 dollars

1 hour duration 

Uterus Cleansing


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- 30%

Uterus Cleansing + Mandala

$57 $39.9

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from: 2021-05-10 till: 2021-05-17

Mandala Practice


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