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Trainer Academy “Female Transformation Mandala”

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with Natalia Ilyushko and Diana Ananda

PLACE: Bodrum, Turkey

DATES: 6-10th May 2020



Do you dream of helping and fulfilling the dreams of women as a Mandala dance coach?
Do you love your female self and do you want to teach female practices?

Do you want to have a satisfying job and a lot of free time?
Do you want to change the lives of hundreds of women?


Facilitator: Natalia Ilyushko

What are we going to do?


You as a person! Your energy, harmonization. Body reshaping.
The energies, their management and where we should be careful.
How to secure the room.
Fine details about  defining intentions.
Working with a group and different clients. How to talk in front of  audience.
Women's Practices, Marketing.


Before applying for this training, think about how much you are ready to really change, to SERVE others, to be loving and accepting not only during training but also in your real life.




What is the practice like?

Dear wonderful women, for almost 4 years now the trainers prepared by us have been helping women in Bulgaria with Mandala dancing.

We saw how much it helps all of us and we made it possible to train more ladies in Bulgaria to spread this beautiful practice throughout our country.

Our first trainers were prepared by Natalie Vita. Now we have invited her teacher – Natalia Ilyushko, one of the top three trainers and coaches in Russia.

She will introduce you to the mysterious combination of female practices dating back from antiquity that will make you turn to yourself and give you the opportunity to feel your body in a new way.

This is body psychotherapy. These are our intentions, desires and their easy materialization.

We learn to understand energies, to guide them through very serious preparation that gives us the opportunity to teach women's practices.

Our goal: you yourselves have to be harmonious, beautiful individuals - both physically and mentally - because if you have inner problems this will prevent you from being neutral and will make you unable to help others.


The price includes: 5-day seminar

6 nights in a double room + food

You arrive on 5th May 2020

Seminar starts on 6th May 10am 

Leave on 10th May 6pm


Exam and Coach Certificate

Hotel Vitalica Wellness, Bodrum -

webinars with Natalia Goddess – 8 hours for price $299

Price $1900  until 1.04.2020 and $2300 after 1.04


Deposit – 300 euro



Wishing you a beautiful day,

Yours Diana Doncheva

Development Manager



Happy Woman Academy

Tel: 00359 888816101




Trainer Academy Female Transformation Mandala, DEPOSIT


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