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NEW The Healnlearn Method

with Zorina

The Healnlearn Method – Based On The Silva Method

Mystics say that once upon a time the human had 12, rather than 5 senses. Therefore, our abilities are now 5/12ths of what they had once been.

Mind scholars have long stated that humans currently use 3 to 4% of their brain capacity. What you may not realize is that brain capacity is not contained in the physical brain but it is rather it’s ability to access information from the surrounding world.

Jose Silva was a pioneer in discovering a methodology for unleashing this latent potential. With these protocols you can learn to mould the Matrix of reality and take control of your own life

SCHEDULE of the mastermind course “The Healnlearn Method”:

1. Learn how to go in Alpha state and to Body/mind scan another (diagnose).
2. Situation programming (manifestation) & working on relationships.
3. Deep learning, lost objects, psychometry.
4. Body/mind scanning (diagnosis) and Healing tools.
5. Decision Making – Deep Intuition, Make the right choices, Advice from your Council.
We will also talk about any other related topic you would like to address.

Here are some of the things you will learn by the end of this course:

• How to go into Alpha State and project your consciousness out of your body (Effective Sensory projection)
• Protocols to diagnose people
• How to find lost objects
• How to read the energy-information from objects: Psychometry
• How to recall forgotten information and learn new information fast
• How to receive information and advice from your own Council
• Protocols to heal yourself and others, physically and psychologically
• How to improve your relationships
• How to programme a desired outcome of a situation/manifest
• How to work in a group Mastermind to achieve results faster

These topics will be covered in 5 sessions, over 5 weeks.

Classes run once a week for 5 weeks on Sundays @7pm CET, 1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific.

You will receive the zoom invitation link upon purchasing this course.
The session videos will be recorded. The recordings will be distributed to the participants after each session and can only be used for study purposes.

I’m inspired to welcome you!

Next Starting Date: October 8th 2022

Price: $490

Time: Sundays at 7pm CET for the duration of the course. Classes are recorded.

Also, check out The Healnlearn Method for Trainers.

You will receive the schedule and zoom join links for the classes upon purchase.

This course is non-refundable after the start of the course. For questions, email me on


The Healnlearn Method


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