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The feminine field – how to make your man successful



Host Natalia Kobylkina

WAS LIVE 23rd December 2020, NOW IS RECORDED!





How to create the right field for a happy family and to have a realized husband


There is a law in our academy – we discuss topics that we feel successful in. recently I moved into another country and I 100% followed my man and I see how physically and spiritually this gives results.

I work with the feminine filed topic and I am surprised how this makes me happy and gives me a joyous sensation, how my husband develops very quickly and the child is happy and loved.


I want to teach women to create the right feminine filed where you as a woman being healthy and happy will attract a wonderful partner and will open your heart for him, there children come or even if you have some from previous marriages they blossom and become even more beautiful and talented.


If the feminine field is full of love and devotion – your man will worship you, he will develop, work and do all he can to give you the life of your dreams.


The feminine filed is connected to specific values, knowledge, habits and behavior that will lead to happy relations. We will learn all of this at the seminar.


If you create the right filed your work is not work but art.

Your marriage is not difficulties but true closeness, tenderness and partnership.

Children are not a burden but joy and ease.


Who is this seminar for?

For women having issues in their relationships with the other sex

For women who don’t attract men or attract pathological men

For women ready for a change and being ready to give up the non-working  models

For those wishing to get married and have children

For those wishing to live through their heart

For women wanting to have a realized, successful and strong partner


We will work with practices on how to change your field and have happy marriage with a successful man

The feminine field – how to make your man successful


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