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Takis is an international citizen who combines high educationional level experiences of Business, Failures, Success in Life, travelling and reading and that all makes him an exceptional

OBSERVER who can Lead and Manage from one-on-one coaching to Big Teams of any kind in the Business field and to bring results by transforming into a better person, setting goals, having a vision in your life and accomplishing the impossible!

He will lead you and show you the....way....for reaching THE TOP!

Familiar with Family and Relationship issues he knows how to make you calm and take the best from you.

About Business, Takis has a variety of lessons to share with you : how to start up, how to make it and operate it and even how to shut it down and to be alive and ready for your next step. Even for anything that troubles you and makes you unhappy and miserable!

He is here to listen to you and to discuss it all with you! 

He graduated in Business and Hospitality Management, as well as holds BA in Finance and Economics, recently he has been accepted in the No1 University in the World-Stanford for MBA online module of Corporation Innovation and by ending 2020 he will have accomplished Life Coaching from Udemy and famous Coach/Teacher/Mentor/Author Kain Ramsay plus he will extend his knowldege from New Skills Academy. 

He loves to help people find themselves as he does believe that helps the societies to grow in harmony and fair enviroment. This helps the next generations to develop correctly and properly. He is entrepereur, enthusiast.  

Married to Natalia Kobylkina(Public Figure Personna) together they do the seminar 'Art of being Together' and some other stuff, they also have one child for now. 

His motto: Give from your heart and always you will receive back for a life time...!....

His mentor and idols are: Tony Robbins, Leo Buscaglia, Albert Ellis, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein.

Hobbies:  Adores Music, loves to travel, reading books. He prefers to meet interesting people, he loves ART in general.

and....if he does not do what he does, he is saying that he could jhave been either a psychologist or a musician! 



SKYPE: TakisDrettakis

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Private Session-One-to-One $100 per Hour, WAS $200

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from: 2020-03-02 till: 2020-03-02

Couples Session 1hour - $195


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Exclusive 1 hour Business Skype Session with Takis $149


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Full Day session costs - 349 dollars (Special Price)


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