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PRINCESSES COURSE – How to receive gift and open your and his heart?


Host: Natalia Kobilkina

WAS LIVE 14th October 2020


Price $56

Learn what the secret to being a princess is and how to receive love, care, gifts, support and how to easily keep them after receiving them.


What is this training going to be?

You are born a woman, a princess, a goddess, a fairy, if you live through your feminine energy – everything will come to you itself! Love, care, presents, protection, support … you just open your arms and your heart and you receive.

However, if you don’t entitle yourself to being a woman and live through the masculine energy – then things happen very difficultly! Then you fight for survival, work hard, carry the heavy bags and you angrily ask yourself: where are true, real men?

Sometimes from difficult childhood, unhappy relationships, past negative experience, your gentle soul of a princess is very hurt and hides under a thick frog skin. And you keep waiting for the prince to come, to kiss you and save you from all of this.

Bad news is, he will not come if you don’t save yourself!

Good news is, you have already been though a lot of pain and finally you are ready to tell the whole world: I want to be a WOMAN! I want to be a PRINCESS! It’s time to put on the prettiest dress of your femininity!


Who is this training for?

For those wishing to be adored by the loved one, even after long marriages

For those wishing to find the right partner and attracting a prince in their life

For those wishing to improve their social status and work for pleasure but not because they are forced to

For women who are ready to welcome the miracles of life with an open heart and wanting to be real princesses


How will the training go…

Welcome to our wonderful world of PRINCESSES! Tonight we will nicely and tenderly “knit” our feminine energy, we will support each other and dance embraced by a wonderful energy, we will do amazing rituals. We will release our femininity.


Important! One condition is mandatory for the course without which we will not be allowed to participate regardless whether you paid or not – to be with a LONG SKIRT/DRESS! KNEE-SIZE SKIRT OR DRESS IS NOT LONG!

This is needed so we can collect our feminine energy and direct it towards our intentions! Together we will twirl our energy and become real PRINCESSES! Think of an intent and think about what miracle you want to happen for your after this course and it will happen!


PRINCESSES COURSE – How to receive gift and open your and his heart


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