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Practical Webinar for one evening: How to love myself?



Friends, I want you to understand one thing.


It is NOT possible:


to love someone else;

to receive from someone else;

to build a happy and pure relationship with someone else;

to live a full life and to be the creator of your own life


  • If you don’t love yourself!


Ever since we were little we see our parents as heavenly creatures, they know everything and they can do anything and from a young age we feel small, insignificant and weak because we are not like them!

And as years go by, even when we get bigger - we always carry these models and they stay with us in our subconscious and turn into beliefs: I cannot cope, this is not for me, I do not deserve this, life is for the chosen ones, I have to compromise, I will never have what I dream of, and so on.


This is not true! It is time for us to overcome our limiting beliefs and to stand boldly and consciously in the new paradigm: I LOVE MYSELF AND I DESERVE THE BEST!


In the process of our training we will learn:

  • How to recognize ourselves and how to accept this person as our true self.
  • How to overcome fears and old beliefs that prevent us from loving ourselves.
  • How to get in touch with ourselves, who we are, what is our personality and how to embrace ourselves with love and respect.
  • How to learn to love ourselves without lies and manipulations and that will allow us to love others in a truly pure way.
  • How we can believe that we can get something. Because we get just as much as we believe we deserve (and this belief is based on love for oneself).
  • And many other questions and topics related to loving ourselves.


This is a training that requires great courage and desire for change.


Attention! We respectfully ask that those who “know everything”, are negative, critical, lazy, and do not intend to apply the things learned, do not come. Please do not waste your time and money.



Welcome to the friends who apply the things they learn, love to work on themselves, are hungry for new knowledge and emotions, want to experience this change of your “birth” with us!


Price: Was $110, now $77

Host Natalia Kobylkina


Choose to love yourself!

- 30%

Practical Webinar for one evening: How to love myself?

$110 $77

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from: 2021-04-27 till: 2021-04-27

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