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Online Marathon „Sexual Tantra“


Finally! The most anticipated Tantra-sex course is online!

  • After Tantra, many people for the first time really understand what it means to have sex and enjoy their bodies!
  • 90% of women have never had orgasm with their partner
  • 50% of men come too quickly or have ejaculation problems
  • 70% of men watch porn and most of them prefer this to real sex


What are we going to talk about?

  • How to reach to orgasm every time?
  • How to eliminate the blockages in your head?
  • How can we feel our body and unlock our sexuality?
  • How to remove fear and embarrassment from our sex life?

Igor Nezovibatko has been teaching Tantra and sexual energy practices for more than 20 years in different countries.

This is a new Tantra course for those who are away from the coach and want to practice Tantra in their lives. This is an absolute change in your sexuality and sex life!

Now is the best time to do it!

At the course you will find out and practically learn how to:

  • Switch off the blockages in your head and to indulge in sensations
  • Get excited easily and increase excitement to pleasure
  • Activate and enhance your sexual energy
  • Develop your sensitivity and orgasm
  • Be able to get to vaginal orgasm and develop G-spot sensitivity
  • Discover new types of orgasm: energetic, meditative and ecstatic
  • Manage your sexual energy
  • Feel the energy of your partner, transfer energy and exchange energy
  • Have sex in a new way: creative, emotional and diverse
  • Become more desirable for your permanent partner
  • Rediscover your partner as a desirable man again
  • Become attractive to men who you are interested in

Thanks to the development of your sexuality, you will make your whole life brighter and full of pleasure.

In the course of training, your coach will give you practical advice and recommendations, show you the exercises and monitor if you do them in the right way, correct you, give you homework that you do independently and then, if possible, with your partner.

The coach has selected for you the most effective and useful exercises from Tantra, bioenergy, body therapy, breathing techniques and energy massage. This is an authoring technique, tested by the times and thousands of women and men from different countries who have undergone the training.

For those who want additional exercises: you can get individual lessons with the coach. Being familiar with your personal request, he will give his advice, exercises and tasks especially for you.

You choose the degree of honesty, courage and depth of participation in the course and exercises. The coach only helps you with that.

This is a combination of online communication with real exercises and sex in your life.

The seminar will be in Russian language with English translation.

Price: DISCOUNTED FROM $199 only to $99

Dates: First session 13th May YOUTUBE LINK -

Was Live 20th May, 27th May and 3rd June 2020, NOW IS RECORDED! 

- 50%

Online Marathon Sexual Tantra

$199 $99.5

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from: 2020-04-16 till: 2020-07-30

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