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WEBINARS with Emilia Belcheva

5 webinars package

First webinar - Panic attacks

with Emilia Belcheva 


Was Live on 25th September 2020, NOW IS RECORDED!

Price: $99

In our hectic daily lives, we do not realize how quickly we get to exhaustion. Many people suffer from panic attacks, often suffocate, get nervous, shout at their child, are dissatisfied with themselves, their partner, and everything and everyone around them. Everyone thinks that the other is to blame, but the real reason is burnout and stress.


What will you learn in this webinar?

- How do we know when we are overwhelmed?

- What are the phases we are going through and at what level are we at the moment?

- How to choose a way of relaxing?

We often throw ourselves into sports or activities that further overwhelm our emotions and nervous system, how do we know where to start?

- What workouts are appropriate if we have weight to lose and the nervous system is overloaded?

- What exactly is an overloaded nervous system and what are the ways to normalize it?

- Psychological test "Why do I have panic attacks and how to get rid of them?"

It will show you individually why you have panic attacks and how to deal with them.

- Techniques for stopping the panic attack when it is activated.

Do you want to live in ease and abundance?

Do you want to have no fear when the new panic attack will start again?

If the answer is "YES!" then this webinar is just for you.

I personally went through all the stages of panic attacks from just panic attacks, heavy momentary sweating, blackening, forgetfulness, to obsessive thoughts like "Collide" while driving, "Jump from the balcony", "Stab yourself" and much more. And I overcame them. In the webinar I will reveal the secret of HOW.

And did you know that if the nervous system is exacerbated, then you do not digest the food and supplements you take? That you stop the regeneration of the body and age artificially. Stop this process! You deserve it!

Second webinar - Swelling of body and face

with Emilia Belcheva 

Was Live on 4th September 2020, NOW IS RECORDED!

Price: $99

Are you tired of waking up puffy every day? See bags under the eyes, sagging cheekbones and cellulite on the legs?

In this webinar I will reveal to you the secret "Why this happens and how to get rid of it".

Swelling in the body is based on inflammatory processes in the intestines, which are caused by improper food and its combinations. For example, if you have joint pain besides a puffy face, you do not digest gluten well and it causes inflammation (an inflammatory process) in your body. Swelling also occurs with dehydration, and many people at this point reduce fluids to prevent it. This disturbs the balance of sodium and potassium, and the consequence is toxicity of the whole organism. From there, a drop in energy, fatigue, weight gain, panic attacks and many other problems.

Each part of our face is responsible for a specific organ. If we have swelling only under the eyes, then we have overworked kidneys, and if we have an anger wrinkle, then we have overworked the liver. BUT we will talk more about it in face building training. If we have overworked kidneys, we are most likely dehydrated. And here we will talk about what kind of water and how much water to drink to satisfy our thrust but not to wash the trace elements from our body. If you pee more often than 2 hours - then you lose nutrients and become deficient.

Separately, the swellings are a weakness in the calf and pelvis. And this automatically overloads the arterial system and heart. And from there the whole body, not skipping our emotional state.

Remember: Swelling is not the cause, it is the consequence. It is the way your body tells you that you need a change. And in these two hours, I will show you how to do it :)   

Third webinar - Hashimoto and Thyroid problems

with Emilia Belcheva 

Was Live on 11th September 2020, NOW IS RECORDED! 

Price: $99

Recently, I receive at least three letters each day with thyroid questions. All problems with it are due to our way of life. Gaining weight, the constant feeling of hunger, the feeling that we are not happy with our lives - all this is related to the thyroid gland. It is a mirror of our genitals and urogenital system.

From a psychological point of view, this is a problem with our boundaries. It is linked to the difficulty of saying "NO" and defending ourselves. We often swallow our needs to please and satisfy others. Here we will look at why this is happening and how to change it.

From a physiological point of view, the problems start with overwhelming the cervical spine, pinching the nerve endings, which are responsible for the correspondence between the brain and the gland. From there, the consequences are distraction, forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating. Hunger for wine and sweets, large portions, lack of motivation, weight (physical and mental), aging organs and the feeling that we are much older than our real years.

There is a much easier way to fix this – by changing our habits. We will talk about how and why those problems occur. What we shouldn’t do so they don’t start and how to deal with them if they are already there. 

Whether you will be taking pills all your life or deal with it in a few months depends only on you.   

Forth webinar - How to have a healthy menstruation

with Emilia Belcheva

Was Live on 18th September 2020, NOW IS RECORDED!

Price: $99

I will never forget my first period. I was 14 and helping my father by bringing bricks to our country house. I felt a sharp pain and it was as if I had been in a coma for three days. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't get up, the pain was terrible. And this continued every month until I turned 19 years old. It was as if I was dying in 5 days and being born for a new life. No painkillers helped me, no injections in the hospital.

Then I switched to contraceptives. But once I stopped them, it all started anew. Until at 24 I found out what was the cause of this pain. How food, our habits and fitness affect our period.

Certain foods cause intoxication of the body, dehydration in the cells, micronutrient imbalance, congestion of the kidneys and liver, tightening of the flexors (muscles between the groin and front thigh), blockages in the gluteal muscles and small pelvis, which determine whether you will have a painful period or not understanding at all that we are on our period.

A three-minute massage technique with a small tennis ball, a ball your dog plays with, or just a small bouncing rubber ball placed in the right places removes the blockage in seconds.

Allow yourself to live in ease! Don't hurt yourself every day for 7 days, that's 84 days you lose every year, 840 days for every 10 years. So every 10 years you lose 2 years and four months of your life! Is it worth it?

This is your life! And every day deserves to be complete and experienced to the fullest!

P.S. To get the most out of the webinar, you will need a small ball of 2 to 5 cm.

Fifth webinar - How to have a flat belly in 21 days

with Emilia Belcheva 

Was Live on 2nd October 2020, NOW IS RECORDED! 

Price: $99


Do you often have a swollen belly? Do you feel discomfort? Do you feel overwhelmed and distracted, do you often get nervous, do you feel unwell during your period?


Do you know that the small intestine is responsible for women's health and our emotional state. Many women go hungry, do moon diets, fasting and any other fashion trends just to lose some weight or to eliminate the feeling of heaviness and fatigue. But they often miss the important factor of re-feeding the body afterwards. 

I will give you an example. If you get a salary of 5000 BGN a month, you will buy certain clothes, you will have lunch in certain restaurants, you will go to a special place to have your nails done and a hairdressing. You will live one life. If you have your salary increased, all the above mentioned will change, right? You will spend more? A fact. But if you have your salary reduced to 500 BGN, you will still survive. You will still go shopping, having meals but you will exclude the things that are luxury for you at the moment. You will not go for a lunch at Kempinski, you will eat at home. You will not wear Chanel, you will wear something from the local store. You will not be going to the hairdresser and have your nails done so often. 

The same happens to the body. If it has everything it needs, it will live and move in one way. All functions will be active in it, even the least important ones. Something like a VIP class. However, if it doesn’t have the necessary trace elements, if it doesn’t have energy and things that are important to it, then it starts to turn off functions - thermoregulation, digestion, the gall-bladder, kidneys, synthesis of collagen for the skin, reproduction, hormones of happiness and satisfaction... And you begin to exist instead of living.

In this seminar, I will show you how your body can live in the VIP area every day.

This is a practical seminar. We will have 3 techniques that will help you remove internal fat, boost metabolism and enhance the lymph movement. You will find out the causes of inflammatory processes in the body and why it reacts in this way. You deserve to live with ease! Every day is like a dream come true and your smile should be always on your face.

- why the belly swells - weakness of the lower abdominal wall and how to restore it

- bacteriosis with examples

- oxygen water intake

- vacuum

PACKAGE OF ALL THE 5 webinars - PRICE: $245 (get each webinar for only $49) !!! 



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How to have a flat belly in 21 days webinar


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