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Webinar - Mom, I Love you!

The role of the Mother in our lives.   

The mother gives us basic trust in the world, she shows us tenderness, care, love. With it we learn to enjoy life, to see and accept all its beauties, to be ourselves. If you have no contact with your mother, then the whole world will seem cruel, gloomy and unjust.

Also, accepting the mother affects your sensuality, acceptance of your femininity and how you treat your physical body. If the relationship with the mother is not worked out, then all these elements are weak and there is a sense of shame and inferiority as a woman.

At the webinar we will work on everything related to the mother so that you start to feel valuable and wonderful as a woman. To feel that you are allowed to rest, enjoy and do with your body what you really want.

People who carry within them their inner conflict and negative feelings towards their parents spend a huge amount of energy on overcoming internal tensions and contradictions, instead of doing something useful and pleasant for themselves and others.

Their whole life goes into this battle.

At the webinars, all participants will have the opportunity to realize their deep pathological patterns for their parents.

We will work on how to take our place as a child through humility and love.

How to take our energy and pass it on to our children.

How to regain our integrity and love for ourselves through parents.

Harmony in relationships with parents leads to harmony throughout your life.

Please have a picture of yourself as a child and of your mother as a young woman.


Host: Natalia Kobylkina

Price: $99

If you buy in a package with webinar "Dad, I Love you" – $199

Webinar Mom, I Love you!


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Package of two webinars: Mom and Dad, I Love you!


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