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NEW Male Archetypes: Secrets, Tricks And Knowledge

webinar with Natalia Kobylkina

  • Online via Zoom
  • 15 October 2021
  • 12.00 pm (noon) to 02.00 pm (London time zone)


  • Lovely ladies, problems in the relationship are not a reason for a separation!
  • This is an opportunity for us to work on our abilities to be wise women!
  • I guarantee that it is a very useful and knowledgeable webinar for you.
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Host Natalia Kobilkina
  • Please note, we can make changes to dates and times if the group is less than 10 people.

  • The topic for the male archetypes is one that should be taught in school so that every woman can know what to do with men. Believe me, then the number of divorces and unhappy relationships would be reduced by at least 50%.
    You are constantly asking me new and new questions on this topic, so I will be happy to do this topic for you.
    This is a therapeutic program about the relations in the couple when the woman finally understands her partner. The woman who can accurately determine the archetype of her man will find the key to him and can develop his potential to a maximum.
    A great percentage of relationships and marriages fail because women just don’t understand men and don’t know what to do with them so they can both grow in these relations.
    We will go through all the points in the program and at the end, you will have a super clear picture of what you need to do in a relationship. What kind of men are for you and from what exactly should you run away.


  • This seminar is appropriate for women who want:
    • happy relations with their partners
    • to jointly develop and build closeness between one another
    • to see if it is worth being with that man and what should change in the relations so they reach success
    • to determine who is the appropriate guy for them
    • to know how to determine our man’s archetype
    • to determine what is his potential and is it worth you investing your time in him?
    • to know why they attract one type of man and what should they do as a woman change and start attracting different men?
    • to learn the main mistakes they make in their relations with various archetypes
    • What are we going to talk about:
      • test how to identify what archetype is he on a first date
      • test to determine what archetype is your husband
      • how to properly start communication and flirting with different archetypes
      • what motivates and attracts each type
      • what pushes away and what are the main mistakes for each archetype
      • how to get what you want from every archetype
      • what kind of man is best for you
      • how to break up with each archetype in a painless and safe way for you as much as possible
      • how to get a proposal for marriage and how to turn your hookup into a deep relationship for every type of man
      • what each of them expects from you and how to give it to him
      • what is obligatory and what is desirable
      • jealousy and limitations
      • “Attention!” Stop doing it!
      • Don`t accept alcohol and cheating. Stop support him financially.
      • How to react to infidelity and flirting with other women and many other hot topics.
      • archetype and what are his parents and how to communicate with them

Male Archetypes: Secrets, Tricks And Knowledge


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