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New! How to Receive Gifts, Love, and Attention from Men?

1 Meeting | 2 hour long


Your energy plays the key role in the abundance of your life, and you have the power to attract miracles and shape your own reality. You may be curious about the secret formula to receive everything you dream of – respect, love, attention, loyalty, and harmonious relationships with your partner.

The answer lies in a simple skill: mastering the art of asking the Universe in the right way.

  • Are you longing for men to surprise you with gifts more frequently?
  • Do you desire your loved one to shower you with love, attention, and respect?
  • Do you yearn to be receptive to the flow of abundance?

This program presents a golden opportunity to unlock the vast possibilities and gifts that await you. You will learn how to effortlessly and gratefully receive everything you deserve.

Make your life a magical and pleasant adventure, filled with surprises and everyday wonders!

Who is it for?

This program is designed for you if:

  • You lack understanding of why men can be stingy and reserved towards you.
  • You desire to learn how to receive more gifts from your partner without using manipulation or dishonest tactics.
  • You love to explore new possibilities but struggle with knowing how to do so.
  • You feel shy to ask men for gifts.
  • You consistently face rejection when expressing a desire for greater generosity from your loved one.

What will we do?

  • Discover the key qualities of women who receive with ease from men.
  • Do exercises and practices to develop the proper behavior when receiving compliments, gifts, or expressions of gratitude from others.
  • Acquire effective strategies to influence male behavior and receive everything you want.
  • Healing practices to release control and learn to trust in the Universe and its generosity.
  • Energy Practice: "Revealing the Sphere of Abundance."
  • Gain a fresh perspective on things that are often taken for granted.

Through this online program, you will:

  • Joyfully and gratefully embrace the diverse gifts that life and men offers.
  • Learn the dynamics of giving and receiving.
  • Release the expectation of receiving gifts from men solely based on the belief that they are obliged to provide them.
  • Gain insight into your typical behavioral patterns when receiving gifts of any nature.
  • Transform yourself into a magnet for love, abundance and miracles
  • Align your energy and embody the essence of a woman who effortlessly attracts the abundance of generosity, love, and respect from both men and life itself.

Information about the Course:

10 August 2023

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Online Course


  •  1 lecture 2 hour long

  •  Homework tasks and assignments

  •  Meditations and practises

  •  LIFELONG access

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NEW How to Receive Gifts, Love and Attention from Men?

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