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Money Marathon





PRICE: $139




With Natalia Kobilkina


Everyone wants to have more money.

But some people live constantly in misery and poverty-from debt to debt, money is never enough. Others work like horses and have lots of money but have no free time, no fun! That’s why often such people don’t have family or children.

The third type of people live in the FLOW – they attract money with ease, doing what they love, and have loads of FREE TIME for themselves and their loved ones.


I will teach you how to enter into the MONEY FLOW!



This money marathon in practical with clear and precise techniques and homework.


There will be 2-3 days between each video, during which time you can do your homework.


What are we going to work on in the month long marathon?


How to open your mind for more money


How to attract money in your life


How to find a way to become wealthy


How to release your fears connected to money and expand your consciousness


How to manifest your bold dreams


You will also learn:


Practices and Techniques how to influence your subconscious mind when it comes to money


We will talk about the power of the conscious and subconscious mind


You will face our limitations and fears connected to money


You will become confident and creative


You will make exercises which will unblock the flow of money and abundance


You will rewire your brain on a new wave and will start to see new opportunities


This is a cleansing and expanding marathon


Bonus: a support group which will motivate you to make miracles!


All Videos will be recorded and uploaded in Youtube on Unlisted! 

Money Marathon with Natalia


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