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NEW Master the art of sales


What comes to your mind when somebody mentions the word “sales”? How does that make you feel? What experiences do you relate it with?


People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy.

Jeffrey Gitomer


The traditional method of selling usually achieves only one-time results, because it is bombarding the client with annoying and aggressive appeals. So he feels stimulated to buy once, but unmotivated to repeat the purchase. Is this scenario familiar to you? Do you know any people or companies that use the strategy we described? Is there any chance that you are also one of them?


Being good in sales is just not enough. On our modern market oversaturated with offers you should be outstanding if you want to attract the users’ attention and to keep their interest.


If you think you are not among the best in sales, let us sooth you that you are not… still yet.


That’s why we are now offering you something completely different. We are going to teach you how to provoke the client’s curiosity, how to seduce him with a unique selling proposition and how to spark desire in order to inspire him to make the purchase.


Don’t dream about success. Start working on it right now!


Webinar by Moses Joel Nalocca


International speaker and high-performance consultant

Moses is an International Keynote Speaker, Business Performance Coach & Entrepreneur.

He was the top consultant for Success Resources, the world’s leading seminar organizer, supporting the growth of their best clients in events of Tony Robbins, Robert Kyosaki, Gary Vee and many more. For over 15 years Moses has been helping people to play the game of life on a higher level. In the last 5 years, he has been in Tony Robbins’ environment, working closely with the Elite of Tony's trainers.

His career is strongly focused on helping executives solve problems, increase the bottom lines, fix business. He also loves training different departments of the company and keep them highly purposed and motivated driven.





DATE: 23rd July 2020 

FROM: 6 PM to 8 PM EEST 

PRICE: FROM $119 to $69! 

PACKAGE OF TWO: Master the art of sales + How to get paid more ONLY FOR $99!!! DISCOUNTED FROM $199! 


This webinar is designed for anyone who:

  • wants to offer a specific product or service in a highly attractive way;
  • aims to drastically increase the sales but doesn’t know how;
  • tries to help or solve a particular problem with his product or service;
  • wants to know how to make a unique selling proposition;
  • has the ambition to establish himself as a leader on the market.

You are going to learn:

  • Why are the traditional selling methods not efficient anymore?
  • Why is your personal motive for selling important?
  • How to change your mindset in order to earn more money?
  • How to make a unique selling proposition?
  • How to make the client feel special by using the “white gloves” technique?
  • How to optimize the quality of your services?
  • What are the greatest secrets of successful sales?
  • How did I manage to achieve a record of 1 000 000 lv. for a month, while other sellers were barely making 10 000 per month in this field.
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Master the art of sales with Moses

$99 $69.3

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from: 2020-06-26 till: 2020-07-23

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PACKAGE OF TWO: Master the art of sales + How to get paid more

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from: 2020-06-26 till: 2020-07-24

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