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Marathon: Female energy charging practices 

Increase your feminine energy and feel new woman!


Recharge with feminine energy, reprogram your brain to a new vibration with the help of visualizations, practices and you will see how you will start to attract miracles! When we calm down, we see what we really want and then it comes to us.

I invite you to come with me to your inner silence. Join my stream of feminine energy!

How to find your inner silence and fill yourself with feminine energy?

What are we going to do?

- 5 days in a row for 40 minutes we will dance together, sing mantras, meditate and then listen to our inner silence.

- You will be immersed in your own energy and hear what you want to say to yourself.

- You will then feel charged and calm.

- You will feel the whisper of the soul and the embrace of the angels.

- You will be incredibly charged with feminine energy and you will feel this inner flight forward.

- You will pass this energy on to your men and children.

Who is it for?

- For women who feel confused in life, without a way and direction

- For those who feel tired and devastated, scared of the changes that are happening and are yet to come.

- For all those who feel lost and therefore enter into a codependent neurotic relationship.

I was in Pilates, standing in a strange position and breathing deeply. The moment I received yet another fax from the Universe about why am I so tense, it can be easier to be where you want to be. And my brain began to picture acquaintances, in which many good things happened and they did not stay because of work or by force. They just managed to catch the wave of energy. I caught this wave when I was at sea and swam in crystal clear water. When I went out, I started singing and dancing on the beach. My body was just starting to make some movements and songs from my teenage years were coming. I let myself flow. I don't know how long this lasted, but after this ritual, I felt a very pleasant silence in my thoughts. I hadn't heard that silence in a long time.


What will happen?

FREE OF CHARGE in our Youtube channel first session -

When you register you will find a link in your email.

As for the other meetings from the marathon you will receive links for entry at your emails.

The practice will be 40 minutes and then I will give you time for a dairy and awareness.

I will give you nice feminine exercises related to please and you will feel fulfilled.

Whoever wants to relax and fill themselves with feminine energy will find this beautiful process very amusing.


Dress code for the entire week is only dresses and skirts, if possible, no underwear.


Here you will feel the connection of love for yourself!

WAS LIVE on 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th November 2020, NOW IS RECORDED!!!

Price WAS $99, NOW IS $69!

- 30%

PACKAGE Marathon: Female energy charging practices

$99 $69.3

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from: 2021-04-27 till: 2021-04-27

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