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NEW Marathon for Millionaires    


For a lot of people the word “millionaire” sounds like something they want but cannot have, and for others it’s just a way of life.


I am thankful that thanks to a lot of work and the right strategy, this has been my reality for a long time. And not only me. Most of my best friends are at this level and for us being millionaires sounds as something very natural.


None of them was born in a rich family and we all started from scratch, myself as well. And we managed to fight our fears and be labelled as Millionaires.


I called some friends of mine who are millionaires and offered them to take part in my program and tell us how they got there. All of them are so-called self-made people. Their stories inspired me for my personal development. Some of them refuse to go public but some of them will happily assist and inspire others.


This marathon will include 5 sessions, 1 to 2 hours with theory, strategies, practice, seminars and transforming homework for money.


What will I receive?

  • You will remove any blockages and fears related to money and you will go to the abundance field easily and with multiple possibilities
  • You will recharge your subconscious in the right way that will lead to actual results in your life
  • You will gain total inner freedom and possibilities to receive the money that you really want to receive
  • You will have clear strategies on how to become rich and successful
  • You will channel yourself just like rich people so you can move forward
  • You will charge yourself with the right energy
  • VIP package includes 5 breakfasts with millionaires and a story of what their strategy was for becoming successful millionaires.

What is so special about this marathon?

We will work 5 evenings, on 5 fields, 1 to 2 hours per evening.

  • Energy of money - how I block my energy and how to unblock it. And how to properly distribute energy in the most important areas of our lives
  • Working with the subconscious through constellations - release the energy of money where you are frozen in past lives, in family patterns, in failed experiences
  • Psychology - I will show you, at psychological level, how we create programs for poverty and how to get out of them, reprogramming at the level of beliefs
  • Behavior and habits - how to establish new behaviors and habits that will allow us to program ourselves for wealth
  • Strategies for wealth - New environment and how to keep this high vibration
  • VIP package includes the most delicious thing - Breakfast with millionaires! People who have already reached great success in life and are ready to share their stories and strategies with you and to answer your questions.

Basic package

  • 5 evening videos with duration 1 hour and homework
  • List of helpful books and movies
  • 5 abundance strategies
  • Telegram groups for videos and comments

Price: $199


VIP package

  • 5 evening videos with duration 1 hour and homework
  • List of helpful books and movies
  • 5 abundance strategies
  • 5 breakfasts with millionaires
  • Package with meditation leading to the new level
  • Telegram groups for videos and comments

DATES: BEGINS 21st September 2020 to 25th September 2020

Sessions Time:

  • 5 evening sessions - 21st, 22nd, 23th, 24th and 25th September 2020 from 5PM to 6PM EEST
  • 5 breakfasts - every morning from 10.00AM to 11.00AM EEST (for VIP package only)


Price: $249

Host: Natalia Kobylkina

Co-host: Yulia Hadartseva


Yulia is a guru in the field of money, sex and relationships with the parents. She is a constellator trained by Bert Hellinger. Yulia is one of the most famous psychologists in Russia that programs the brain for abundance and wealth. She is often invited as a guest and expert in the Russian television and a speaker in the biggest Russian psychologist forums.


Trained by Bert Hellinger and Anthony Robins, she is the most famous podcast author in Russia, as well as one of the most expensive and wanted coaches.



For the first time Yulia is going to participate in our Marathon at the personal invitation of Natalia Kobylkina.


She has hundreds of testimonials about her seminars and very often people say that Yulia has the power to change past lives, family and present models. She defines herself as a coach of all times and spaces.

BASIC PACKAGE: Marathon for Millionaires


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VIP PACKAGE: Marathon for Millionaires


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