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 Marathon “Complete transformation of body and face for 31 days!”

with Trainer Emilia Belcheva


Begins 10th April 2020


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Price: $199





For the first time: A complete change of face and body in one! VIP intensive marathon!


You have put on extra weight after the holidays? After the kid’s birth and maybe every year, little by little and before you realize it, the weight is too much and it seems to be too hard for you! On the way to the beach, do you think “I couldn't get into shape again! At least it’s only a vacation and nobody knows me”. Do you feel tired? Do you get nervous easily? Do you feel guilty that you can't handle it? Do you feel helpless? Do you know that the guilt makes you put more weight on?


Do you want this summer to be different?


No guilt, no deprivation, no low self-esteem. Do you want to have silky smooth skin, tight legs, flat belly, prominent cheekbones, juicy lips... Do you want everyone to notice you and want to be like you?


This marathon is for those of you who do not have time to waste. For those of you who want quick and short techniques, without unnecessary hours in the gym. Techniques whose results shall remain for months.


Within 31 days, I will share with you the fastest and easiest tactics on how to achieve all of that. No unnecessary theory, only practice. Strong motivation and real-life examples. We're going to tighten our legs, to lift the butt, to make a flat belly, we will straighten our posture and neck, we will get our lips bigger, we will find out how to motivate ourselves at a subconscious level, so the body can work for us. I will reveal you simple practices for quick results.


Let’s welcome this summer with confidence and an amazing figure that you deserve!



About Emilia Belcheva: 

She is the founder of Belchevi Health Academy. It is a place that aims to extend people's lives and make them healthier and happier. Emilia is an international lecturer and facebuilding instructor at the Beauty Academy Yulia Saifullina - Moscow.

She is the only Beauty Coach for Bulgaria as through exercises together she helps to remove diopter, astigmatism, remove wrinkles, increase lip volume and many other corrections that are possible only through plastic surgery and fillers.

She is the founder of SEMMA, a kind of sport that corrects spinal distortions such as scoliosis, kyphosis, flat-footedness, pelvic misalignment and poor posture, and also she treats panic attacks, varicose veins and asthma. She and her brother are the only ones in Bulgaria working on the systems of Paul Chek and Functional Patterns. She is an instructor for pregnant women how not to put on weight and how to recover after giving birth.

She has two books published and her own training methodologies, as well as over 10 years of experience. She has two children and believes that she has a lot to give to the world.

Marathon - Complete transformation of body and face for 31 days


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