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Man on a leash

…or how to control the man.


Webinar with Nina Kovalyova


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Do you know how the fire of love is kindled and the "hunter's instinct" is activated in a man?

How to keep him close to you without having sex? And how to keep him in your field after sex?

Do you want to know the answers to these questions?

Thanks to the online course "Man on a leash or how to control the man” you will learn to attract and keep a man as long as you need before you have sex, making him fall harder for you after every date!


The webinar "Man on a leash or how to control the man" will reveal to you the secrets of a successful romance.


What you will understand:

  • How the rule of the three circles works.
  • How to indirectly make him invite you to another and another date.
  • What topics are best to communicate on and what you should definitely not mention.
  • How to gather maximum information about the man.
  • At what stage of the relationship can you move on to sex.
  • How to keep a man after sex.
  • How to awaken the instinct of a hunter in your man in the current relationship.


What you will learn:

  • How to lead a proper conversation and ask the man competent questions.
  • Complimenting a man without focusing on small flaws in his appearance.
  • It is wise to keep a man at a distance so that he wants to overcome it as much as possible.
  • Skillfully flirting without continuing with sex.
  • Keeping the man after sex.
  • Lighting the fire in the current relationship.


What is this training about?

Every man has his own expectations from dating the woman he likes.

However, everyone, without exception, retains the most cherished memories of the first dated with a loved one, the beginning of a relationship is always in a romantic aura.

The first dates should not lead the man to the goal, but only to light his interest and encourage future action.

On the online course “Man on a leash. Or how to control the man” you will understand what you need to do to win the heart of the man you like and turn a pleasant flirt into a delightful romance lasting a lifetime.

Thanks to these tips and recommendations, you will quickly recognize what promises to communicate with the new man - a fleeting flirtation or the beginning of a serious relationship.

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Man on a leash

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from: 2021-05-10 till: 2021-05-17

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