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Male archetypes: I understand men!


Host: Natalia Kobilkina


PRICE: $99


This is a therapeutic seminar about the relations in the couple, when the woman finally understands her partner.


The woman who can accurately determine the archetype of her man – she finds the key to him and can develop his potential to a maximum.


A great percentage of relationships and marriages fail because women just don’t understand men and don’t know what to do with them so they can both grow in these relations.


What will be our job?

How to determine our man’s archetype?

How to determine what is his potential and is he worth you investing your time in him?


Why do I attract this type of men exactly and what should I as a woman change in myself so I start attracting different men?


What are the main mistakes we make in our relations with various archetypes?


How to motivate men and jointly develop in the relations?


If he has a lover or if he is cheating on you – how to salvage you relations?


Crisis after the children in the different archetypes


How to continue if a man is divorced or has children from previous marriages


Difficult men and how to deal with them


Man’s shadows – is there a salvation? Why do I attract them and how to change this?


This seminar is appropriate for women who:

- want happy relations with their partners

- want to jointly develop and build closeness between one another

- want to see if it is worth being with that man and what should change in the relations so they reach success  

- want to determine what the appropriate guy for them is


Lovely ladies, problems in the relationship are not a reason for a separation! This is an opportunity for us to work on our abilities to be wise women!


After this seminar you will start to develop your men much better.





Male archetypes: I understand men


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