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NEW Love dependency

A 3-day webinar 

with host Nina Kovalyova

Live from 11th January, 12th January and 13th January 2021

From 09:30 AM to 11:30 AM EEST 

Price: ALL THREE PARTS for $69!!! DISCOUNTED FROM $199!!!

Who is it for?
You need this Marathon if:

- They don't appreciate you - you feel used and you can't say No!

- You feel fear and mistrust - you do not trust men and women, you are vulnerable and easily offended.

- You depend on others - you are afraid of being left behind, not making a mistake and doing everything possible to please others.

- You do not know how to let go - you constantly think about the past and think about where you made a mistake.

- The eternal excellent student - you feel that you have no right to make a mistake and that if you make a mistake, it will be fatal.

- You do not believe in yourself - you feel unworthy of love, gifts, courtship and serious relationships.

What to expect after the webinars? 

Personal boundaries - others will begin to respect you and acknowledge your opinion.

- Attitude to mistakes - you will easily begin to accept your mistakes and let go of negative situations.

- Independence - you will stop depending on the opinion of others and your own negative opinion.

- Life scenario - you will get rid of insults and guilt.

- Inner peace - you will get rid of doubts and fears and you will gain confidence and peace.

- Self-belief - you will stop dissolving in your partner and will pay more attention to yourself and your own life.

- 30%

3-day webinar Love dependancy with Nina Kovalyova

$99 $69.3

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from: 2020-11-19 till: 2021-01-13

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