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I am an expensive woman – from a Cinderella to a queen


Have you noticed that we are often referred to as dear…


But are we really dear?


Do I really feel like this and do I really get the respect of something of value and importance?




Try to see your attitude towards this word: dear!


Say it a few times out loud: I am dear, I am dear, I am dear. Do you feel it? What do you feel?


When I did this practice, I felt like crying and I said to myself:

  • I am not from this class
  • I was born a Cinderella and that’s who I will be forever
  • I don’t have rich parents
  • I am, for sure, no Miss Universe
  • Anything I get comes with a lot of hard work, I kept saying to myself through tears.



In my school there were always kids who were just perfect, perfectly dressed, they had perfect writing, and everything was right with them.

That was not the case for me, I always had stains on my clothes and my handwriting has always been bad.


And I almost stopped dreaming of one day being one of those perfect women, dear women.


I thought I will always be just a nerdy girl and others would point at her and laugh.


I worked a lot on this, I read, I went to seminars all the time, and step by step I moved towards this. And it all worked out. I can boldly say that at the moment I feel like a dear woman, as a woman, as a person and as a specialist. And other people consider me as that too.


What have I changed? I weight the same, I don’t have richer parents and I still have my bad handwriting, but my thoughts are definitely different and this has led to that feeling of being dear!



What we will work with:

A strategy from a Cinderella to a queen

How to change your destiny

How to sell yourself as something dear

How to be successful as a specialist and a woman

How to get expensive gifts and trips

How to make a beautiful life

180 degrees turn

Complete change and bold dreams!

A change of an energy level




  • if you are properly following all the practices you will receive a gift at a higher price than the course



Host: Natalia Kobylkina





Price:  WAS $110, NOW ONLY $55


Perhaps this is the first thing you ever do for yourself.

The very purchase of something for yourself that will pick up you - is already a result!


Be ready to go to a hairdresser and make-up artist! Be ready for change and transformation!


You are number one! You are dear and you deserve high pay for your work, respectful attitude from your boss and customers, adoration by men and, of course, dear gifts from the universe!


Welcome to the Dear Club!


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