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How to handle panic attacks
and to transfer from anxiety to energy

The heart accelerates up to 150 beats per minute, the chest becomes tight, the throat is blocked. It seams like she will not be able to catch her next breath. And fear…overwhelming fear of death. You want to run and hide from those horrible sensations but this is not possible. You have the feeling that you are locked in a cage. Does this sound familiar? Yes, this is the true panic attack.

In the beginning maybe it is coming rarely and you hope that it will “pass on its own”. Then the attacks start to happen more often. You have to give up a whole lot: travelling, going to the store, visiting loud companies, even an ordinary meeting can cause panic attacks. You should constantly calculate things in advance. Life slowly stops… You seek medical help but what do they tell you: “What do you want? You have a panic attack. You need to be calmer.”

And you remain on your own in this energy of fear. I know very well what it is like to have a panic attack, I was having them for many years until I healed myself and I am absolutely sure – 100% the panic attack is a psychosomatic event and can be cured, very easily even.

What will you learn in the webinar:

What is a panic attack and what is anxiety?

Why does it come so suddenly and cannot be controlled?

How to find the reasons for the panic attacks if it seams like nothing is helping?

How to “go around” those reasons and get rid of the panic attacks?

What to do in order to guarantee that panic attacks will never come back?

I will give you tools to handle panic attacks, we will work with anxiety and fears and we will find the inner resource to turn this energy of fear into confidence.

We will do visualization of a new life without any panic attacks and anxiety as well as panic attacks constellations.

All questions are welcome!

Host: Natalia Kobylkina

WAS LIVE ON 14th January 2021, NOW IS RECORDED! 

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How to handle panic attacks

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