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NEW How to get paid more


for your products and services or by your boss



Whom the client prefers to buy from? From the one selling just some basic product or from the other who is selling value while he is solving the client’s problem? For sure you can guess the right answer.


Find out how to fully fulfill the user’s needs and satisfy his desires, while you are earning more money.


Webinar by Moses Joel Nalocca

International speaker and high-performance consultant

Moses is an International Keynote Speaker, Business Performance Coach & Entrepreneur.

He was the top consultant for Success Resources, the world’s leading seminar organizer, supporting the growth of their best clients in events of Tony Robbins, Robert Kyosaki, Gary Vee and many more. For over 15 years Moses has been helping people to play the game of life on a higher level. In the last 5 years, he has been in Tony Robbins’ environment, working closely with the Elite of Tony's trainers.

His career is strongly focused on helping executives solve problems, increase the bottom lines, fix business. He also loves training different departments of the company and keep them highly purposed and motivated driven.


DATE: 24th July 2020 

FROM: 6 PM to 8 PM EEST 

PRICE: FROM $119 to $69! 

PACKAGE OF TWO: Master the art of sales + How to get paid more 


You are you going to learn with us:

  • Why do some people barely make a living, but others make a fortune?
  • How to have stable and long term financial success?
  • What does it mean to offer the client higher value and how to do it properly?
  • How to prepare yourself for astonishing success?
  • How to grow your business, while serving and helping people?


This webinar is designed for anyone who:


  • today wants to be better than yesterday, and tomorrow - better than today;
  • desire to reach his full potential;
  • is tired of getting less than he believes he deserves;
  • aim to raise his standards;
  • strive to offer more valuable products and services;
  • is ambitious and motivated to earn more money;
  • is curious to find out the secret formula of success which only the wealthiest people know.


People often say something like: “I already have 20 years of experience, I deserve more…” Well, if these people actually had developed the set of their skills in 1 year, but after that they just repeated this year 20 times, why do they expect more satisfying income, when they didn’t give more of themselves?


Your personal value is not getting higher if you are not upgrading your qualifications, if you are not obtaining new knowledge and if you are not striving to perfect yourself constantly.


Those who invest mainly in their job, make a living. Those who invest mainly in themselves, make a fortune.


Remember, the efforts you put in your personal development are equal to the results you get.


Our purpose is to stimulate your growth by coaching you how to become more valuable for yourself and your clients. With us you are going to learn how to be in help of your target audience and take care of it.


Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.

Albert Einstein


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How to get paid more with Moses

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from: 2020-06-26 till: 2020-07-24

- 30%

PACKAGE OF TWO: Master the art of sales + How to get paid more

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from: 2020-06-26 till: 2020-07-24

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