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How to define your body type and dress for it


DATE: 26th October 8pm EEST 

PRICE: $59 


At the heart of any stylish look is choosing the right silhouette and proportion to our clothing for our body type. If the garment is not suitable for the curves of our body, it is difficult (even impossible) to build a nice looking outfit that will look goon on us.

Let me ask you a honest question?

How many of your clothes in the wardrobe would you rate 10 out of 10 (where 10 is "I really like it.").

According to statistics, most people would value only 5-10% of the clothes they own so highly.

Usually, these are the clothes we like how they fit our bodies. We like the cut, the shape, the pattern, the fabric, the details, the length. They give us self-confidence, good mood, make us smile simply because we like how we look in them.

Since there are so many positives about wearing the right clothes, how about we increase that percentage to 100%? Does it sound ambitious?
I assure you that if you follow the guidelines in this webinar it is completely achievable!

In this webinar you will learn out:

How to define your body type - we will do the test together during the webinar;
How many body types are there and in which category do you fall into;
Which celebrity has the same body type as you;
What is important to emphasize when you already know the shapes of your body;
Which are the best options for your body type:

Clothing types;
Fabrics, materials, embellishments;
Building the most suitable outfits;
Patterns and combinations;
Accessories, jewelry, and shoes;
How to successfully shop for clothes for your body type;
How to adjust the clothes we already have in our wardrobe for our body type (even those that are generally not recommended for your);

And even more topics like:
Does the body type changes with the change of weight or age;
Is it possible to fall into several categories of physique and how to approach them in these cases;
Is there a connection between our height and the headlight
Does black really help us look more slender;
Do we really manage to cover up imperfections with wider clothing;
Styling secrets and tricks for petite women and taller women;

Questions and Answers;
Prepare for the webinar:
Your picture of you wearing a look you want to hear Tia's professional opinion;

How to define your body type and dress for it


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