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How to become a fellatio queen

Ah, this sweet power over men, when you with your sweet little mouth can just drive them crazy.

Because of a good “blowjob” men forget everything in this world, travel hundreds of kilometers, do quests, change decisions.

I decided to ask men if they get quality oral sex from their women and it turns out only 10-20% of the ladies are able to really do it as goddesses.

Host: Nina Kovalyova

PRICE: $69

WAS LIVE on 27th July 2020, NOW IS RECORDED!

Get it in a package with the Marathon The secrets of the female orgasm + Fellatio Queen 

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My dears, we want to give you the actual “tools” in your hands and of course, for this purpose, we invited a Russian woman!

What will we talk about?

How to predispose your man to hot sex and make him want you

  • Oral sex techniques
  • Main fellatio mistakes
  • How to make him cum in such a way that he will remember you forever
  • Exercises and practices on how to properly work with your mouth 
  • Besides we will talk about what real lovers do in bed
  • How to drive your man crazy?
  • What to do if he ejaculates quickly?
  • What if he doesn’t ejaculate?
  • How to develop our sexuality?
  • Love triangles

It will be hot, wet and useful! /Please, bring a cucumber/

How to become a fellatio queen


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Package of two: Marathon The Secrets of The Female Orgasm + Fellatio Queen webinar

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from: 2020-06-29 till: 2020-07-27

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